Reduce Swelling of Limbs with the Easy Water Retention Remedies at Home

Water Retention Remedies: When your lymph system fail in removing the excess fluids from your body, the extra fluids gets trapped in the organs. This causes swelling of hands, legs, ankles, and feet which are the symptoms of Water retention or Edema. The causes of water retention include heart and kidney problems, allergies, liver diseases, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disorders, etc. When you are hit with edema, you can observe some of the symptoms of water retention. The water retention symptoms include weight gain, swelling, itching, bloat, joint stiffness, high blood pressure, itching, aching, etc.

The main key for preventing water retention is to hydrate your body, eat healthy, regular exercise, which expels extra fluids. So, along with these, you need to use some natural remedies to treat water retention. Here are the effective methods for treating edema at home itself.

List of Natural Water Retention Remedies

Barley to Reduce Water Retention

Most of the European countries use barley to reduce fluid retention. So, you can use this barley as one of the water retention remedies to reduce swelling in pregnancy. Moreover, barley is a natural diuretic which acts as a treatment for fluid retention.

Water Retention Treatment with Barley Juice

Barley Water Cure for Water Retention

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Stop Retaining Water By Drinking More Water

As dehydration is a cause for water retention, our body retains water to maintain the moisture levels. So, to lose water retention, one should understand the importance of drinking more water. However, proper hydration of the body satisfies the need and prevents the storage of water by the body. Thereby, it stops water retention problem.

When you do not drink enough water, the functioning of kidneys to flush out the body wastes do not take place. And similarly, the liver cannot flush out the toxins from the body. However, this leads to fluid retention and causes bloating and swelling in hands, legs, ankles, stomach, and face. So, you can add water to the list of best water retention remedies.

How to Get Rid of Water Retention Fast?

Natural Diuretic Foods to Cure Water Retention

Here is the best home cure for fluid retention. Diuretic foods make you frequently urinate which release excess water, toxins from the body. Moreover, they lower blood pressure by restoring sodium in the body and also lowers body's water weight. You can also use diuretic pills, but they are for short term.

Add diuretic foods which are the supplements for water retention to your regular meals which prevent water retention on a long lasting basis. Consult your doctor and clarify about any presence of anti-diuretic medication. And moreover, make sure that you get plenty of potassium as you lose it due to frequent urination.

Foods to Reduce Water Retention Naturally

Garlic Home Remedies for Water Retention

Here is the tasty solution for losing water weight with garlic. Garlic is a natural diuretic food. It helps in releasing excess fluids and flushes out the toxins from the body. Additionally, it helps to lose weight by breaking down the fat molecule and makes you look young and slim. So, have a look at different types of water retention remedies with garlic.

Raw Garlic for Water Retention Cure

Garlic Spreads for Water Retention Relief

Along with these, add garlic to your cooking of soups, stir fries, and pizzas.

Herbal Remedies for Water Retention and Bloating

Herbs are the effective water retention remedies.There are many effective herbs for water retention in legs. However, herbs are good for a balanced life and health. Additionally, herbs are the effective diuretics. Here is the process of making the herbal tea to cure water retention overnight.

Best Herbal Tea for Water Retention Reduction

Tips to Naturally Prevent Water Retention Fast

  1. Avoid the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, sugars, etc. to get rid of water retention naturally.
  2. Practicing a regular exercise prevents water storage in unnecessary parts of the body.
  3. Aerobics, running, bicycling improves blood circulation and releases excess fluids.
  4. Make some minute changes in your diet and lifestyle to control water retention. Try not to sit for longer periods in the office. Keep walking at regular intervals or stretch your body.
  5. Avoid wearing tight clothes which may increase swelling and water retention
  6. To decrease water retention, increase the intake of vitamin A, B1, B5, B6, C, and D.
  7. Medications for birth control and others may cause water retention. So, talk to your doctor to change the pills to stop water retention.
  8. If the swelling lasts more than a week, consult your doctor immediately. Also if you are a pregnant, diabetes, or any other health ailments.

So, these are some of the best water retention remedies that relieve you from swelling of body parts. Moreover, follow the above tips to stop retaining water in your body. Moreover, before starting to use the above remedies for water retention, consult your doctor and know the exact cause for edema.

Drink More Water to Stop Retaining Water

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