How to Get Rid of Greasy Face Naturally? DIY Face Packs with Tomato for Oily Skin

How to Use Tomato for Oily Skin: Oily skin is a great challenge in our daily routine. The sebaceous glands under the skin produce oils to moisturize the skin. But for some reasons, the production of oils is increased which leads to oily skin. The causes of oily skin include hormonal changes, pollution, excessive oil production by the sebaceous glands, improper diet, etc.

The skin pores get clogged with the excessive oils and lead to acne and pimples. However, with some natural methods to cure oily skin, you can get a healthy glowing skin. A valuable and ubiquitous kitchen ingredient that treats oily skin is the tomato. So, look at the tomato benefits for treating oily skin naturally.

Benefits of Applying Tomato for Oily Skin

  1. The tomatoes contain salicylic acid which acts as a natural exfoliator. Moreover, it removes excess oil, dead skin cells, toxins, and dirt from the skin.
  2. Tomatoes possess the astringent properties which soothe the skin inflammation and reduces oiliness of the skin.
  3. A regular use of tomatoes let the sebaceous glands control their oil production and prevent oily skin. Additionally, the acidic levels of tomatoes maintain the skin pH level.

So, these are the reasons why you should use tomatoes on your skin. Have a glance at the easy home remedies for oily skin with tomatoes in the below section.

How to Use Tomato for Oily Skin? Instant Home Remedies for Oily Skin Care

Tomato for Oily Skin

Best Homemade Cleansing Wipes for Oily Skin

DIY Ripe Tomato Face Mask for Oily Skin - Best Face Wash to Control Oily Skin

An effective natural remedy for oily skin is the ripe tomato. You can just rub a tomato slice on the face for a few minutes and wash your skin after it dries. The other way of using tomato for oily skin treatment is the following.

How to use tomato for clear skin?

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Tomato and Sugar Scrub to Cure Oily Skin - Easy Oily Skin Care Routine

This home remedy for oily skin is one of the best exfoliators that can remove dirt, oils, dead skin cells from the skin. Thereby it reduces oily skin on the face.

Tomato Sugar Scrub Recipe for Reducing Skin Oiliness

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Lemon and Tomato Facial for Dull Oily Skin

Lemon is a natural astringent which controls sebum production and prevents oily skin, acne permanently. The vitamin C of lemon also promotes a healthy skin cells growth. Look at the process of using lemon and tomato for oily skin treatment.

Oily Face Treatment with Tomato and Lemon

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DIY Face Pack with Tomato and Yogurt for Oily Skin

The plain yogurt contains lactic acid which acts as a natural exfoliator. It helps to get rid of oily skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt, sebum from the pores and also moisturizes the skin.

Home Remedy for Oily skin with Yogurt and Tomato

Homemade Beauty Tips with Honey and Tomato for Oily Skin

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of honey treat acne due to oily skin problem. Moreover, it also removes excess oils from the skin and maintains proper moisture.

How to Make Your Face Free from Oil and Acne?

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Natural Remedy for Oily Skin with Tomato and Avocado

If you have dry skin or lack of moisture, it may also be a trigger for oily skin. Avocado contains the monounsaturated fatty acids that moisturize the skin and controls the oil production by sebaceous glands. So, it is the best idea to use avocado and tomato for oily skin prevention.

DIY Face Cream for Oily Skin

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Simple Homemade Tomato and Oatmeal Remedies for Oily Skin

Oatmeal contains the saponin which absorbs the excess oil, sebum, dirt from the skin pores. Thereby, it cleanses the skin and gives an oil free skin.

How to Stop Skin from Getting Oily?

So, these are some of the proven ways to use tomato for oily skin. Choose the best treatment for oily skin and moreover make use of it regularly to control oil on face naturally and faster too.

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