Easy Hair Waxing Recipes with Sugar | Homemade Body Sugaring Hair Removal Paste

Sugaring Hair RemovalWomen expect a soft hairless skin always. Hormonal imbalances, certain medications, irregular menstrual cycle, pregnancy, etc. causes abnormal hair growth on your body. An abnormal hair growth, in medical terms, is known as Hirsutism. Many techniques of hair removal like waxing, shaving, threading are in the process now. These methods are less expensive already but might show some side effects. The effects include pain, ingrown hairs, skin rashes, etc.

The cost effective, side effects free hair removal techniques are nothing but the home remedies for unwanted hair. One of those ingredients mostly used to remove unwanted hair is the sugar. People use sugar in the form of sugaring or sugar waxing for removing unwanted hair. But why should you use sugar irrespective of the other ingredients?

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Benefits of Sugar for Hair Removal or The Sugaring Hair Removal

  1. The sugar waxing process involves less pain than the spa waxing.
  2. This is a chemical free home remedy for hair removal.
  3. When you apply the sugar syrup or gel, it sticks to the hair whereas a wax sticks to the skin.
  4. However, when you peel the gel, it removes the hair from the roots.
  5. You can apply this for any number of times to remove any missing hair.
  6. A frequent application of sugar waxing stops hair growth permanently.

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How to Make the Sugaring Hair Removal Paste at Home?

Sugaring Hair Removal Recipes

Sugaring Hair Removal Mask with Lemon Juice

The recipe of sugaring with lemon juice is moreover, similar to the spa waxing. It is a non-toxic method. So, it is suitable for sensitive skin too. The results that you obtain with this hair removal technique are long lasting than shaving. You do not need any cloth strips like in waxing.

Natural Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

If a candy meter is not available to you, then remove the pan from flame when it starts changing the color to brown or golden. And, if the mixture is too hard to apply, then add some water and heat it once to get a smooth pasty consistency. You can use this natural body hair removal method on legs, face, underarms, hands, back, bikini area too.

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Peel Off Mask with Egg White and Sugar for Hair Removal at Home

Similar to sugar, egg white sticks to the hair. It is very easy to peel it off once it gets dried. A sharp pain might trouble you, but it is very effective in removing facial hair. It removes the hair from the roots.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal with Egg White

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DIY Body Sugaring Hair Removal Mask with Honey

A very easy and effective treatment for unwanted hair on face, hands, and legs is here. This involves the use of sugar crystals and honey which works wonders in removing unwanted hair instantly.

How to Make Sugar Honey Hair Removal Mask?

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Homemade Lemon Honey Sugar Wax to Remove Hair on Body

This is a sugaring hair removal wax mostly used in parlors. It removes fine to a thick hair on any part of the body. You need a cloth or the wax strips to remove unwanted hair. It is not suitable for a sensitive skin as it is a painful waxing process like in spas.

How to Make Your Own Wax for Permanent Hair Removal?

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Tips and Precautions to Use Sugaring Hair Removal Methods

While using the above methods of body, facial hair removal, one should follow certain tips to get effective results. Here are the tips to remove hair safely and quickly.

  1. Before starting to use the unwanted hair removal processes, steam the area where you need to take off the hair. Because steaming opens up the skin pores and makes it easier to remove hair.
  2. Prefer white sugar to brown sugar for sugaring hair.
  3. If you observe any dryness on the skin after removing unwanted hair on the skin, then apply your moisturizer. You can choose coconut oil, shea butter, or cocoa butter to moisturize.
  4. Before trying the above hair removal treatments, make a patch test on a small area to check sensitivity.

Use any of the above sugaring hair removal processes to remove unwanted hair on face, legs, hands, etc. Share your experience with us in the below comment section.

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