Effective Ways of Using Potato for Skin whitening

Benefits of Potato for Skin Whitening: Everyone desire to get beautiful skin. Have you ever imagine that most used kitchen ingredient potato can do wonders for our skin? It's true...Potato is not only delicious food but also offers several benefits for skin care. The main benefit of potato for skin is it removes the dust particles that accumulate on the skin and turns our dark skin to fair.

Several things can make our skin dark such as harmful sun rays, pollution, chemical based skin whitening products, improper diet, etc. These factors lead to dark pigmentation, black skin, and uneven skin tone. To whiten skin, many of us empty their pockets and wallets to invest in skin lightening products like creams, lotions, face washes. These products can cause severe damage to your skin because of the presence of harsh chemicals.

So, prefer skin whitening home remedies which are completely safe and affordable. Even though they take some time to give glowing skin, but the result must be permanent. One such home ingredient which can lighten your skin is a potato. Therefore, look for the benefits of potato for skin brightening and how to use potato for skin whitening.

Is Potato Good for Skin Whitening Treatment?

Potato is one of the most widely used vegetables in every kitchen. Most of us know potato removes dark circles but doesn't know how it whitens dark complexion. You will get an idea about how does potato lighten skin by looking at these points.

  1. Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase which is known to reduce dark spots, acne scars, and blemishes.
  2. The potassium content in potato helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin.
  3. It has vitamin B6 that improves new skin cells formation.
  4. Being rich in calcium, it cures dry skin and protects the top skin layer from harmful agents.
  5. Potato also contains magnesium which prevents free radical damage that causes wrinkles and fine lines.
  6. The vitamin C present in potato can increase collagen production which keeps skin elasticity and firmness.
  7. It also contains zinc which helps to heal damaged tissues.
  8. It exfoliates dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin.
  9. The mild bleaching properties of potato reduce the production of melanin which leads to hyperpigmentation.

Due to all these properties, potato lightens the skin effectively. Now, let us know skin whitening home remedies with potato.

How to Lighten Skin Tone? Home Remedies with Potato for Skin Whitening

how to whiten skin fast naturally

How to get White skin naturally? Regular use of these home remedies with potato can make your skin white permanently

Use Potato To Make Your Skin Whiter Permanently

Potato is one of the home remedies for skin whitening. You can use either potato slices or potato juice for skin pigmentation treatment. Check the methods of using potatoes to lighten dark skin naturally.

  1. Peel one potato and chop into 1/2 inch slices.
  2. Massage gently with these potato slices over your skin for few minutes.
  3. Let the potato juice on the skin for 15 minutes and then clean if off with water.
  4. Else, grate the potato and extract the juice from it.
  5. Apply the potato juice on your dark skin and rest for 10 minutes.
  6. Then, rinse the skin with water.
  7. For added benefit, you can also add a pinch of turmeric to the potato juice.
  8. Repeat these skin brighteners regularly to lighten your skin naturally at home.

Natural Skin Lightening Facial with Potato and Tomato

Potato and tomato are the perfect combos for skin whitening treatment. This combination lightens the dark pigmentation, spots, and marks on the skin. So, use this permanent skin lightening facial instead of parlor face pack.

Homemade Face Whitening Cream with Potato & Tomato

  1. Crush tomato and potato each of one to make a fine paste.
  2. Apply this mixture on your skin like a skin bleaching cream.
  3. Let the mixture on your skin for 30 minutes and then wash it off with water.
  4. Repeat using this skin fairness treatment at home daily for getting whiter skin.

Olive Oil & Potato Face Pack for Skin Discoloration

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer, hence it hydrates your skin and makes it smooth and soft. Also, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. So, use olive oil and potato for skin whitening treatment.

How to Make Natural Skin Lightener at Home

  1. Mix 1 tbsp of olive oil with freshly extracted potato juice.
  2. Apply the mixture on your dark pigmented skin.
  3. Let the skin brightening cream for 20 minutes and remove it off with water.
  4. Use this best skin lightener for 2 or 3 times in a week to whiten your skin naturally.

Instant Skin Whitening Scrub with Potato & Oatmeal

We know potato contains catecholase which reduces the melanin production in the skin. While oatmeal is a good exfoliating agent and hence it removes the excess oil trapped in the skin pores. Therefore, potato and oatmeal scrub act as a skin bleaching cream.

How to Whiten Skin Fast with potato & oatmeal?

  1. Using a blender, make 2 tbsp of oatmeal in the form of a powder.
  2. Nex, grind half a potato and mix this paste with oatmeal powder and milk.
  3. Apply this skin bleaching cream on your black skin and gently scrub for 10 minutes.
  4. Then, clean it off with cold water.
  5. Use this skin lightening treatment for 2 to 3 times in a week to brighten your face.

Brighten Skin Naturally at Home with Potato & Honey

The moisturizing properties of honey make your skin soft, smooth, and supple. Mostly this skin whitening home remedy suits for dry skin people. Also, honey provides enough nourishment and lightens your skin. Hence, use honey and potato for skin whitening.

How to Lighten Skin Naturally?

  1. Using a grater, grate one potato and extract juice from it.
  2. Blend 3 tbsps of potato juice and 2 tbsps of honey, stir well.
  3. Apply the mixture on your face as a skin whitening facial.
  4. Let the mixture for 15 minutes and then rinse if off with water.
  5. Use this skin brightening treatment daily to achieve whiter face fast.

Natural Beauty Tips for Face Whitening with Potato & Yogurt

Like honey, yogurt also contains moisturizing properties. Hence, it keeps skin supple and smooth. The lactic acid present in yogurt can nourish your skin. Besides, the vitamin B5 in yogurt can lighten your skin by fading acne scars and blemishes. So, use potato and yogurt face pack to lighten dark skin.

How to Bleach Your Skin?

  1. Crush 1 potato in the form of a paste.
  2. Take potato paste and yogurt in 2:1 ratio and mix them well.
  3. Apply this skin whitener on your skin thoroughly.
  4. Let the face whitening mask for 20 minutes and then remove it with water.
  5. Use this skin lightening treatment to get white skin fast.

So, these are the home remedies with potato for skin whitening. Make use of anyone in these natural remedies to make your skin white fast. Remember that one-time use of any face whitening masks doesn't give whiter skin. To lighten dark skin, use them regularly and get an attractive face.

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