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Can You Walk On A Sprained Ankle? How to treat a sprained ankle fast? Most often we are affected by an ankle sprain. The issue happens when the surroundings of ligaments (tight bands of tissue) which connects to the bones of legs and foot are injured. A sprained ankle can be caused with a very sudden jerk at the time of playing, due to the unfurnished surface or might be on a simple walk as well. Let us know the techniques on how to treat a sprained ankle on food in this article.

The sprained ankle causes when the there is a sudden twist in your leg. When the ligament stretch beyond the boundary, commonly occurs a sprain. Let us know how to heal a sprained ankle fast following some of the natural home remedies, best ways to treat sprained ankle naturally and fast at home.

How To Fix A Sprained Ankle? - Heal Fast and Strong with Self Treatment

A little twist in the ankle might be a reason for a sprained ankle. There is no age limit for the issue as this might happen with or without knowledge of an individual. Let us know some home remedies to cure sprained ankle. But mostly the sprained ankle effects children, adults above 50 particularly. Let us know what the recovery time for a sprained ankle and ways to treat a sprained ankle with effective and speedy recovery instantly are from this article.

how to treat a sprained ankle

Know Causes And Symptoms For Healing A Sprained Ankle

Regarding causes, sprained ankle arises when there is a foot suddenly twists or rolls, change of ankle joint from normal position or while during exercise or workout, a sudden unexpected movement.

How long does it take to heal a sprained ankle can be easily noticed with the symptoms of sprained ankles. They are due to the sprained ankle; the feet may swell or bruise, you may feel pain when you place pressure or weight, swelling, tenderness, severe pain, skin discoloration, and stiffness. It is essential to see a doctor when you cannot bear the pain; you cannot move even if you try or if you experience a swell of your foot.

7 Best Ways To Treat Sprained Ankle Naturally And Fast At Home

Here are some helpful techniques to deal with Sprained Ankle. The ingredients we gathered are mostly available in your kitchen. Thus, glimpse every solution and find the best tip which you can add to your day.

Ice For Sprained Ankle Quick Relief

The way how to treat a sprained ankle overnight with Ice can be helpful. Here is the simple technique of Sprained Ankle Rice (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) as one of the treatment options for a sprained ankle. Ice is one of the best-sprained ankle recovery remedies which is available in every kitchen. The cooling effect of ice helps in healing the swollen parts of injuries. It works efficiently in the prevention of bleeding and soothes the pain.

How To Treat The Sprain With Ice Technique
  1. Wrap 4-5 ice cubes in a clean woolen towel, as directly applying ice cubes may lead new issues.
  2. After leaving about 20 minutes, remove the ice wrapped cloth and place it again after 2-3 minutes to heal the injury.
  3. Often repeat several times in a day for good results.

Note: Stop ice treatment when you find ankle become white. Ice remedy can be an issue for the people have diabetes.

Stop Sprained Ankle With Arnica

One of the excellent sprained ankle remedies is considered to be arnica. The essential oils for sprained ankle assist many health problems along with ankle sprains, it promotes in control bleeding and improves muscles along with reducing sprained ankle swelling.

Arnica Easy Steps on How To Heal A Sprained Ankle Fast
  1. Rub the arnica oil on the sprained ankle.
  2. Cover the injured area with a bandage.
  3. Leave the remedy for 5 hours.
  4. To heal a sprained ankle fast try this treatment on a regular basis.

Rosemary to control Sprained Ankle

Let us know how to treat a sprained ankle at home by rosemary, the leaves of rosemary efficiently work to heal a sprained ankle by soothing the pain. Rosemary herb has the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities which are mainly used to cure effects of a sprained ankle. Thus, the best way on how to treat a sprained ankle on a toddler and adults is rosemary.

How to Treat a Sprained Ankle With Rosemary Process
  1. Take leaves of rosemary and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Mix the pieces of leaves in alcohol and store in the dark place.
  3. You can use cheesecloth to strain the mixture.
  4. Now apply the solution on the swelled region of the ankle to cure instantly.

Deal Sprained Ankle With Compression

The compression efficiently addresses sprained ankle recovery. The very first method which everyone follows after an injury is a compression. Everyone rushes for the bandage to fix the pain. Thus, compression is an excellent medical treatment for a sprained ankle.

  1. Tie a bandage to the sprained area of the ankle and do not disturb or remove till swelling and pain reduce.

Note: If the color of the skin turns to blue at aching area, immediately remove the bandage.

Cabbage - Home Remedies For Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankle treatment at home can be quickly done at home by cabbage. The vegetable used to minimize swelling of the sprain and heals inflammation. Cabbage is considered in sprained ankle recovery as its vitamins and phytonutrients help in recovering the injury quickly.

4 Steps To A Faster Ankle Sprain Recovery
  1. Cut the leaves of the fresh cabbage.
  2. Squeeze the juice from the cabbage leaves.
  3. Now heat the leaves to warm mildly and wrap the leaves around the swollen part of the ankle.
  4. Try to wrap a cloth so that no leaf falls and leave the therapy about half an hour.

Heal Sprained Ankle With Sweet Marjoram Oil

What to do for a sprained ankle with sweet marjoram oil. We can consider the oil to be perfect for sprained ankle as it has analgesic, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial or antiseptic qualities within it. It quickly heals swelling and inflammation for the quick recovery.

Sweet Marjoram Oil - Quick Sprained Ankle Recovery Time
  1. Directly apply 2-3 drops of the marjoram oil on the affected area of the ankle.
  2. Slightly massage for 2-3 minutes and leave it about half an hour.
  3. Try this remedy 2-3 times per day for good results of sprained ankle treatment at home.

Ginger As Sprained Ankle Remedies

The home remedies for a sprained ankle includes ginger as it is highly efficient in dealing with recovery of swelling and inflammatory issues. Ginger has gingerol which is rich in anti-inflammation properties. Hence, ginger cures swollen parts and pain of the sprained ankle.

Sprained Ankle Treatments For Faster Healing Steps
  1. Take a cup of water and add some pieces of ginger to it.
  2. Let the water boil for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Take a clean cotton towel and dip it in the lukewarm ginger water.
  4. Place the towel on the swollen areas of the ankle to heal the pain.

What To Do For A Sprained Ankle? - 3 Ways To Treat A Sprained Ankle

Let us know the relevant exercises which are very useful for the sprained ankle. How to treat a sprained ankle without going to the doctor is by doing minor workouts are followed here, understand entirely and note the healthy activities for yourself to follow regularly. Mild workouts assist us in protecting our ligaments and leg joints from injuries and unnecessary swelling along with healing and preventing injury. Exercise can help not only to heal the sprained ankles, but at times it smoothly loosens the leg muscles which stuck tightly.

How do you get rid of a twisted ankle? The exercise range of motion should be done when you experience an injury. You can place an ice cube on the swell to get the instant relief. The work-out may be treated with at-home care and appropriate exercises. Try the exercise steps for properly treating a sprained ankle for faster recovery, the best way on how to care for a sprained ankle.

Sprained Ankle Range Of Motion Exercises

  1. Sit on a chair comfortably, and lift your feet about 2 inches from the floor.
  2. Try to rotate your ankle at the 360 degrees angle completely.
  3. Perform this exercise at least five times to minimise the swelling, reducing pain and quick healing.

Push Out - Sprained Ankle Exercises

  1. Place a chair facing wall and sit on it.
  2. Put your feet flat on the wall and try pushing the wall for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Now place the foot straight on the wall to rest.
  4. Try this technique 5-10 times for the best results.

Avoid Sprained Ankle With Push Up

  1. Sit in a chair and place your leg on the floor.
  2. With the tip of the ankle touching the ground stretch your feet for 3-5 seconds and relax back keeping ankle horizontal to the ground.
  3. Repeat the workout 5-10 times.

How To Treat A Sprained Ankle With Essential Oils

Let us know How to treat a sprained ankle after one week with the help of oil blends here? The treatment with any essential oil is beneficial and quick remedy to cure sprained ankle. The essential oils for sprained ankle in our kitchen work as best remedies some of them are lavender oil, clove oil, German chamomile oil can be blended thoroughly and used.

Consider one of the essential oils for sprained ankle as given below, make the solution warm and massage to the sprained ankle for about 10 minutes for the best-sprained ankle effective and speedy recovery.

Sprained Ankle Treatment at Home - Preventive Measures

Here we go with the natural sprained ankle treatments to get you back on your feet. Consider Top 10 instant Home Remedies for a Sprained Ankle for your ankle with best treatment methods.

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