How To Stop Craving Using Home Remedies | Herbs and Spices to Overcome Cravings

For all of us, our health is the most important thing than anything else. Good health is something that we can not buy. It is our principal capital asset. So for maintaining this precious health, we need to consume needed nutrients and avoid unhealthy food items. But these days it is very difficult to do so. Are you aware of Food Cravings Meaning? Because unhealthy food is always tastier and easily available and we really crave for them. Some instructions are given how to stop cravings for sweets, and if you follow them, you can stop cravings for junk food. Really, there are tricks that might stop your food cravings.

Are you also suffering with the same problem that"I can't stop my cravings?" Food craving is the worst enemy of any dieter. It can ruin all your hard work and earlier sacrifices which you did to maintain a toned and healthy body. Cravings are the uncontrollable longing or desire for some specific foods, stronger than normal hunger. Craving could be the biggest hindrance to lose weight. There are various ways how to stop food cravings for specific food items and save ourselves from ruining all our diet plan. So stop food craving pills and use the given home remedies how to stop cravings for unhealthy foods and sugar.

how to stop cravings

Home Remedies How To Stop Cravings at Night

Everyone has cravings for some food items whether it be for sugary snacks, carb-loaded foods or chemical ridden sodas. Being able to combat cravings for these tasty and unhealthy food items is one of the keys to maintain a healthy diet and healthy weight. Are you unable how to stop cravings for food? Various ways how to fight craving junk food are


Genius Tricks to Curb Cravings Naturally

Food Cravings Chart-Tips to control your sweet tooth

If You Crave For This Item What Your Body Really WantsHealthy Food That We Can Eat To Stop Cravings
ChocolateMagnesiumRaw nuts, fruits, legumes
SweetsChromium, phosphorus, carbon, Sulfur, TryptophanBroccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans, calves liver, chicken, Cheese, liver, lamb, raisins, sweet potato, spinach, Cranberries, horseradish, cruciferous vegetables
Bread, ToastNitrogenfish, meat, nuts, beans
Oily snacksCalciumBroccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame
Coffee or TeaPhosphorus, sulfur, ironChicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, legumes, egg yolks, red peppers, muscle protein, garlic, onion, cruciferous vegetable
TobaccoSilicon, TyrosineNuts, seeds; avoid refined starches and vitamin C supplements
Cold DrinksMaganeseWalnuts, almonds, pecans, pineapple, blueberries
Salty FoodChlorideFish, raw goat milk
Pre-Menstrual CravingsZincLeafy vegetables, root vegetables

Drink Plenty of  Water For How to Stop Cravings while Dieting

Water has manifold benefits. Drinking plenty of water helps our body to function properly. Sometimes, thirst is confused with food craving and hunger. How to stop craving food when not hungry? By drinking water, our stomach will get full, and we may not feel hungry. Drinking water can save us from putting on weight. This is the best and easiest way how to curb cravings.

 How to Stop Cravings for Carbs With Dark Chocolate

What to eat when craving sweets? Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants and also increases the production of a hormone called leptin in our body- that helps how to stop sugar cravings. These chocolates are also rich in iron that is another advantage for the body. This can be one of the ways how to overcome food cravings or it can be a secret to ending your sugar cravings. This can be a few second tricks that might stop your food cravings. Eating chocolate can be a way to fight sugar cravings.

Green Tea Helps in Curbing Hunger

How do I stop craving carbs? People say that tea can help to curb hunger. So if you are a tea person, then replace your tasty sugary tea with the green tea. Because sugar helps in putting on weight. It is a natural beverage which contains abundant antioxidant and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea basically helps in liberating fat energy from our body cells and use it as fuel – the key to a healthy body composition. This is the best way to lose weight when you can't exercise and also simple ways to stop cravings for unhealthy foods and sugar. Too much chocolate cravings are also not healthy because we may gain weight by eating so much chocolate.

Ingredients required

How to Prepare a cup of Green Tea
  1. Take a pan and pour a glass of water into it.
  2. Add the tea green tea powder and boil for 5 minutes.
  3. Add few drops of both lemon and honey to enhance the taste.
  4. Consume the tea twice a day to be fit.

Snack Substitution Can Play a Role in How to Stop Cravings for Keto

Our body always craves for the tasty and delicious food items that are not at all healthy for our body. But still, we do not have any control over this. We just want to eat them without thinking about the repercussions. Sometimes, we may have a craving for the physical properties of the food items. So, try to switch to another healthier option having the similar texture. This is how to stop cravings for junk food.

Know Your Craving Food Items

Knowing your craving food items can help you that what thing you crave for. You can replace that unhealthy snacks with the healthy food items and save yourself from putting on weight. Organic fruits can be the best form of foods that stop sugar cravings.

Chocolate: Do you crave for chocolates then, you may need magnesium.  Therefore, try some healthy food that contains magnesium.

Salty snacks: There are various snacks to curb cravingsIf you crave for salty and tasty snacks, start consuming seaweed, rye bread, tomatoes, or olives to increase your daily chloride intake.

Fatty foods: Craving fatty and junk food mean you are not getting enough calcium. So try to add something healthy that contains calcium.

Simple Carbs: If you have cravings for foods containing simple sugars. Replace them with simple and healthy food items.

 How to Get Rid of Cravings With a Cheat Day

Just pick one day in a week as your cheat day. Allow yourself to eat your favorite food items. By doing so, you will not feel that you can not eat your favorite food items ever. Every day you will wait for that cheat day to come, and thus somehow you will protect yourself from eating unhealthy. After some days your craving may itself go away once you understand the importance of health and how badly these junk food are affecting our body.

How to Stop Cravings when Fasting - Keep Yourself Busy

Do not sit idle.  The best way how to control cravings is to keep yourself busy in doing some work so that you do not think about hunger and food. You can spend your leisure time doing your favorite things which will not remind you of the delicious food and stop food cravings supplements. Some of those activities/ways to get rid of cravings can be like

 Herbs and Spices Ways to Control your Cravings

Herbs and spices can be natural ways how to fight cravings. Some of them are


If you are thinking how to stop sugar craving, then cinnamon can be the best remedy for that. The potent polyphenols contents in cinnamon help to overcome sugar cravings by controlling blood glucose levels. A person suffering from diabetes should increase the intake of cinnamon because it minimizes the insulin spikes that result from an unbalanced meal that lead to more hunger and more sugar.

How to use Cinnamon:- 

It can be used in several ways. For instance, you can use it in tea or smoothies, sprinkled on slices of apple, sprinkled on plain yogurt to enhance the taste, and spread over roasted vegetables like sweet potatoes. It just works as a taste enhancer and also one of the ways to outsmart a craving.


It can also be used to control craving for sugary food items and to control blood sugar level as well. You can simply add the fenugreek seeds to your meal or else can consume its tea. This can be the best method how to fight food cravings.

How to Prepare Fenugreek tea:-
  1. Crush the fenugreek seeds and make its powder.
  2. Take a glass of water in a pan and add the powder to the pan.
  3. Boil it for 5 minutes and drink it.


It can be called as a warming and sweet spice having numerous health benefits, including stomach soothing and balancing blood sugar. It can also be a remedy how to stop cravings during PMS or cravings during period.

How to use cloves:- we can use it while making tea, can be sprinkled on food items or we can simply eat it to overcome cravings.

Some Essential oils for Sugar Cravings

Follow all the given home remedies for how to stop cravings and maintain your diet plan. You can maintain body weight by some simple ways to prevent or stop unhealthy food and sugar cravings. Once you include these habits in your lifestyle you will start loving them after observing improvement in your health.

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