6 Sure-Fire Stretch Mark Remedies Straight From Your Kitchen

Contrary to conventional knowledge, stretch marks are not only related to pregnancy, nor are they solely women's problem. Stretch marks appear in growing teens, athletes, muscles builders and people fluctuating between losing and gaining weight rapidly. But what causes stretch mark? Are stretch marks permanent? And How to get rid of Stretch Marks?

The stretching results the middle layer of skin (dermis) to tear, enabling the deeper skin layers to show through, forming stretch marks. The tears in the dermis allow the blood vessels below to show through, which is why stretch marks often look purple or red when they first appear. How to get rid of stretch marks? As the time passes, the stretch marks fade to silvery-white colour, but never entirely disappear. They are a part of us as any changes we go throughout our lives. No need for despair though, there are some homemade remedies which with prolonged use can make stretch marks go away.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks using Natural Home Remedies

You can get stretch marks if you put on a lot of weight over a short period of time or, vice versa. Try to lose weight gradually, so that your skin isn't put under stress. Bodybuilders and athletes also have stretch marks as their muscles increase in size. The chafing from tight clothes sometimes also contributes to stretch marks. Puberty is another period where the body often develops quickly in terms of growth spurts. Boys can get stretch marks on their shoulders and back, while girls may get them on their hips, thighs, and breasts.

Stretch marks are part of us, occurring naturally as our body grows. They come, and they fade, but never go away. The only thing you or I can do it to be smart and try to lower the chances of getting the marks. With these stretch mark removal home remedies, you can see a considerable improvement in stretch marks before and after. Intrigued? Read on!

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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Utilising Home Remedies

During Pregnancy

Hormonal changes that affect your skin usually cause pregnancy stretch marks(striae gravidarum). Gaining pregnancy weight gradually may help reduce the effect of stretch marks. When you are pregnant, whatever the myths say, you needn't eat for two. You'd be hungrier than usual, yes but no need to forgo eating healthy. How to get rid of stretch marks without overeating? Eat an assortment of foods every day to get the right balance of nutrients for you and your baby. See that your diet also included wholewheat carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta. A healthy diet and lifestyle during pregnancy go a long way to avoid getting too many "Tiger Stripes" and getting rid of them after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks Salve Recipe

This salve will give a supple skin so that it can adapt to a growing belly, and also soothes any skin irritation the comes with a baby bump. This can also be used to remove stretch marks after pregnancy.

Stretch Marks Salve Ingredients
Method of Preparation
  1. If using Calendula flower and dried ginger, add to Apricot Kernel or Almond Oil and place in a double boiler/ a bowl over a small saucepan of water.
  2. Bring it to a simmer and heat for 30 minutes on medium-low heat to infuse the properties of the herbs.
  3. Strain through a cheesecloth or a metal strainer to remove the herbs. Make sure you have got at least 2 tbsp of liquid oil left.
  4. Add the oil back to the double boiler and add the shea butter and coconut oil.
    Heat until they melt and stir to incorporate.
  5. Remove from heat and pour it into a glass jar to store.
  6. Add Tangerine Oil for added benefits as well for fragrance.
  7. Use as needed on skin before, during or after pregnancy.

Male Stretch Marks

Even though the skin is astoundingly flexible and adaptable, it does reach a point where it can no longer stretch without showing signs of rip and tear. Stretch marks appear when the skin expands faster beyond its growth. What causes stretch marks in men? Some men do seem predisposed to get stretch marks. In some cases, stretch marks may appear due to a health condition which causes overproduction of corticosteroid, a hormone. Corticosteroid can decrease the amount of collagen in the skin, a protein that maintains elasticity of the skin.

Other than these, stretch marks can occur as a result of medical conditions, including diabetes, Cushing's disease, and Ehlers-Danos Syndrome. But these occurrences are rare. Certain medications, including hormone therapies, steroids, and cortisone creams, are common culprits in causing stretch marks.

How to get rid of stretch marks for men? Be mindful when using cortisone creams, keep an eye out for this ingredient when buying products. Adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine, but don't push your body too far.  Avoid alcohol, caffeine drinks and all the foods falling under "unhealthy". This way you can get rid of stretch marks fast naturally. You can also various stretch marks removal creams that are available on the market.

DIY Moisturising Body Treatment

The moment you spy the beginnings of a stretch mark, start moisturising daily to prevent stretch marks from developing further. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, start with the moisturising treatments, something you can do at home without fuss; best stretch marks treatment you can ever get. The ideal way to moisturise is right after you shower and are partially dry. This way the freshly cleansed skin will absorb the moisture better. So got forget this how to get rid of stretch marks fast trick!

Castor Oil Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedy

Castor Oil is a greasy and wondrous age-old natural remedy to treat skin problems from wrinkles to pimples. To get rid of stretch marks, follow this effective method.

Stretch Marks removal after birth with Castor Oil
  1. Apply a thick coat of castor oil on your stretch marks in gentle circular motion for 5-10 mins.
  2. Wrap the area with a breathable cotton cloth.
  3. Use a heating pad, warm the affected area for at least half an hour.
  4. Repeat this process daily for at last a month to see positive results.

Vitamin E products for Stretch Marks Treatment

Vitamin E is effective in preventing skin aging, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which will keep the stretch marks at bay. Apply vitamin E oil to nourish the skin, keep it healthy and aid in healing scars and pregnancy stretch marks. Vitamin E to some extent also protects from UV rays. Be sure to use vitamin E lotions and creams to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy as vitamin E is excellent collagen. A variety of products are available in the market which advertise to lessen pregnancy stretch marks if used from the start.

How to get rid of stretch marks making use of Vitamin E oil?
  1. Vitamin E is familiar to us in capsule form, but Vitamin E oil is available in bottles.
  2. Extract vitamin E oil from 10 capsules, or take two bottle cap's of Vitamin E.
  3. Add this to extra virgin olive oil or, any other carrier oil.
  4. Apply it thoroughly on the stretch marks. Applying after showers will show significant results.
  5. Do this daily, till you see stretch marks fade away.

Sugar Scrub Exfoliant -  Effective Home Remedy to Reduce Stretch Marks

Exfoliation is removing the oldest dead skin cells from the skin's outermost surface. The practice of exfoliation is hundreds of years old in Asia, but many of us credit it Egyptians and their famous queens. Exfoliation helps with circulation and boosts healing of those red pregnancy stretch marks. You can use wine as they did in Middle ages, but I say, why waste a good wine! You can make a variety of body scrubs at home with your kitchen ingredients, which won't cost you a pretty penny. But the simplest to whip up is using sugar. How to get rid of Stretch Marks by making use of Sugar Scrub?

Sugar Scrub ingredients
Method of preparation

Simple and easy to make as well being natural and eco-friendly. This scrub jar lasts for 2 months (or more!) and smells lovely.

Essential Oil Remedies for Stretch Marks

There are numerous essential oil remedies for stretch marks available in the market; the only hard bit is to pick one! These oils are natural and safe to use for alleviating the appearance of stretch marks. Some of which you can use are lavender, tangerine oils, sandalwood, apricot kernel oil, Calendula oil.

Reduce stretch marks with Essential oils
Essential oil Massage ingredients
How to prepare

You can use this stretch marks home remedy before, during and after pregnancy to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Of all the home remedies to remove stretch marks, the above-listed stretch mark removal home remedies are natural and inexpensive that will help you to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. As I mentioned, stretch marks are a natural occurrence in the process of our body growth. Be it may while creating a new life, exercising to keep fit or, experiencing that most nightmarish part of our life, puberty (shudder). How to get rid of stretch marks, you say?

So be patient when dealing with stretch marks, and diligent while opting to use these home remedies for stretch marks. Embrace them and be smart in keeping them away with natural ways that fade or prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

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