How To Gain Weight Naturally | Healthy Home Remedies To Gain Weight

Weight has always been an issue, whether less or more. People who are lean and thin desire of putting on weight but some people are trying hard to lose weight. That is why nothing is liked in excess amount i.e. neither you should be fatty nor thin. A person having a well-shaped body is really blessed by God. But nothing is unachievable in this world, if you follow the correct roads definitely you will reach your destination. Below some easy and effective ways are given for How to gain weight in 1 month.

Home Remedies For How To Gain Weight

If you want to get what you desire, you really need to put on efforts because without that nothing can help you gain that. When it comes about health that is even harder than anything else. So start following these methods with good energy and hope, you will gain weight and get rid of skinny body surely.

There are various Easy home remedies and herbal methods that can help you gain weight quickly and get a perfect body. So do not get upset if you are thin and nothing is working out with your body. What to eat to gain weight? Try out the given Top home remedies, surely you will see an amazing improvement soon, and you may start getting a remarkable appreciation for your body.

Weight gain Foods List

Potato can be a Remedy for Weight Gain

List of some Potato dishes

Potatoes are loaded with carbohydrate, therefore, helps in weight gaining. Potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates that provide our body much-needed energy. By providing instant calories, they boost up the level of glucose in the blood. Regular consumption of potatoes in any form adds extra kilos to the body. For example, grilled or baked potato proved to be helpful in gaining weight quickly. You can also eat French fries twice a week. Therefore, a potato can be a contributor to solving your worries that how to gain weight fast for men at home. It can be the fastest way to gain weight.

Ample Calories in Banana Helps you Put on Weight

Some Banana dishes list

They are instant energy boosters because they are loaded with ample calories. Hence,  if you are lean and thin, then it could be your best buddy which would help you put on weight fast. There are several ways of consuming the banana like eating one banana in your breakfast followed by a glass of warm milk, or you can have a glass of banana shake as well. So include banana in your all meals and stop worrying that how to gain weight naturally.

Almond Milkshake is the mother trusted way of Putting on Weight

Some Dishes List with Almond 

The best answer for how do I get fat quickly? Two normal size glasses of milk contain around 14 gram of protein while the polyunsaturated fats content in almond adds those extra calories when included in the everyday diet. This is how to gain weight in a healthy manner.

How to prepare

  1. Crush around a handful of almonds and put it to the boiling milk.
  2. Allow it to boil for five minutes. You can add sugar as per your taste.
  3. Pour it into a glass and sip it.
  4. To make it tastier, you may put in dates and dried figs in the boiling milk.
  5. Drink this flavored milk for a month and see the result.

Peanut Butter can be a Strategy to Quickly Gain Weight

If you have given up to gain weight then here is the best solution for you. Spread a thick layer of delicious peanut butter on the toast or a piece of bread. You can also make a peanut butter sandwich or add it to the milkshake to gain some extra calories. So include this tasty butter in all your meals and stop worrying that how to Gain weight on face cheeks as well as whole body.

Mango can Help You Get a Perfect Body

Health benefits of Mango

Mango can also be a supporting agent in gaining weight. So, there are several forms to consume mango and how to gain weight the right way. You can consume it in the form of mango milkshake. By drinking it twice a day for around 30 days, you will surely notice positive results. You can simply eat it as a fruit salad in your diet.

Eggs Helps in Gaining Weight

Benefits of egg

An egg is the complete package of calories, protein, fat, mineral, and vitamin that makes it an excellent food for underweight people. It helps to gain weight and build body muscles. People who are aspiring how to gain weight in a week can consume the white part of an egg thrice a day.

Exercise can be Helpful to Get a Well-Shaped Body

Exercising on a daily basis will boost up our metabolism and makes us feel hungry. For doing exercise either you can go to the gym to get a balanced weight or can simply do cardio exercises and aerobics at home. Also, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, and dancing can also be supportive ways for how to gain weight fast for women.

 Does Yogurt Help in Gaining Weight?

Health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt, being rich in protein, helps in increasing body weight.  You can consume a bowl of yogurt on a daily basis with some added sugar to put on a few pounds. Yogurt is the food item that is included in the weight gain diet chart. This can be a healthy way to gain weight when you're underweight.

 Eat Your Favorite Noodles Pasta to Gain Weight

Both of them are loaded with ample carbohydrates and fats that fill your body with essential nutrients, minerals, and protein. Thus, increases the daily calorie count. Noodles and pasta can be cooked easily without much ado. You may also add lean chicken and vegetables to it.

Eat Custard Apple  For Quick Weight Gain

Benefits with Custard Apple

It is a  creamy-delicious fruit that has manifold benefits. Those who desire to put on some weight must include custard apple in their diet regularly. It boosts the metabolism and increases appetite. Also, it provides instant energy to your body.

Ginger can do wonder to Gain Weight

Ginger Benefits in Weight Gain

It can treat any digestive disorders and heals the upset digestion. Besides, it stimulates appetite very effectively and helps gain some pounds. You can have it in various forms such as by simply grating a ginger while cooking your meal or sipping a cup of ginger tea. If you are worrying How to gain weight in a safe and healthy way, try using ginger and get the guaranteed result.

Cheese Helps to Gain Weight

Cheese is laden with protein, calcium, and fats, so it helps in obtaining a healthy weight gain. Prefer cottage cheese as it contains high-quality protein,  results in weight gain. Hence for a quick result, eat it before bedtime.

These are some healthy ways to gain weight to keep in mind while you are following the routine to put on weight as soon as possible.



Finally, just keep on following the remedies regularly and religiously if you really want to gain weight.  A complete guide to gaining good weight is provided here, get benefited from it. Also, tell us if you have some other home remedies how to gain weight in a healthy way.

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    Its really hard to gain weight when your skinny, however your advice and you steps are very helpful, thank you very much for the information that you have provided. Follow these step and hopefully gain some weight.

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