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Control House Flies: Something enters through a two inch cracked window. It can't figure out the way to leave through the wide open door. When you're trying to sleep, it makes a buzzing song for you in the ear. They are nothing but the nuisance creating tiny house flies that disturb you all the time. Now, it's time to kick them out of the house with some home remedies to get rid of house flies.

The biological tag of a house fly is Musca Domestica. They fly on the fecal matter, rotten food, garbage cans, etc. The tiny body hairs called Tarsi catch up millions of bacteria and transmits them to your body by sitting on the food you eat. In this way, they transmit cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery to the human kind.

The flies get attracted to the food, unclean areas, moist climates. Even if you are avoiding all the above house fly causes, you'll observe some more flies in the house. Try the below methods to get rid of house flies as they are natural, aromatic, effective, and safer too.

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How to Control House Flies Naturally? Home Remedies to Get Rid of Flies

How to control house flies?

Home remedies for repelling house flies and prevent flies infestation

Water-filled Plastic Bags - Homemade House Fly Control Method

The oldest method to control house flies is the use of water-filled plastic bags. People use it with the thought of water distracts the vision of a house fly and make its path disoriented. Their eyes have a structure which makes the water bag appear to be a spider's web. As the flies avoid spider webs, they get out of the house.

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Get Rid of House flies with Cloves - DIY traps for houseflies

The flies cannot withstand certain aromas. One of those scents is the cloves aroma. Use them with lemon to make an extra powered repellant.

Lemon and Cloves to Keep Flies Away

Natural Method to Kill House Flies

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How to Keep Flies Away from Home? - Milk, Sugar, and Pepper

This is a very famous method used in England for centuries to control house flies. This is a counteract process where milk and sugar attract the flies and pepper kick them out.

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Natural Remedies to Control House Flies - Clove Oil Lotion

This is the fly repellant lotion that can help to keep flies out of the house. You can use this lotion on the skin to keep flies away from your body. But do not apply the undiluted clove oil to the skin since causes itching, burning, nerve damage, and irritation.

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Natural House Fly Killer - Eucalyptus Oil

Here is one of the best house fly control remedies. The strong odor of eucalyptus oil acts as the best house fly control home remedies. It forms a protective layer or a mask on the lactic acid and carbon dioxide that the humans release. Thereby it prevents the house flies from getting attracted to the odors. You should use the eucalyptus oil by diluting it with water or any other essential oil.

Fly Strips with Eucalyptus Oil

Fly Repellent Lotion with Eucalyptus Oil

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Camphor for House flies Control - Natural Ways to Stop house flies growth

Here is one more home remedy to control house flies. The Camphor is a waxy, dry substance from the wood of laurel tree. The strong scent of camphor repels flies and insects. It possesses the anti-viral and antibacterial properties. In the presence of any pregnants, avoid this remedy as it may cause some side effects.

Effective Method of Controlling House Flies

Reduce the House fly Lifespan with Camphor

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How to Remove Flies from Home? Tips to Control House flies

  1. Maintain cleanliness in the house and use disinfectants for preventing house flies.
  2. Use the OTC insect repellents and natural fly sprays.
  3. Make use of the fruits and vegetables before they get rotten whihc attracts the flies.
  4. If you groom pets, then dispose of its feces regularly to keep flies away.
  5. Ensure that the house doors and windows are not under repair.
  6. Avoid stagnant water in the garden or your yard.
  7. Cover the garbage with a lid or dispose of it time to time.
  8. Make use of the non-toxic homemade insecticides.
  9. Keep spraying the rooms with essential oils every day.

So, these are some of the best home remedies to get rid of house flies easier. Choose any of the above natural remedies to control house flies and let us know the experience.

Do Not Draw Your Sword to Kill a Fly

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