Make Your Own Pregnancy Test at Home To Confirm Pregnancy

Homemade Pregnancy Tests: The dilemma of whether you are pregnant or not makes you feel anxious and nervous. The only way to come out from this confusion is DIY Pregnancy Test. Even though we have many commercial pregnancy test kits, but the natural ways are safe and most accurate because they have been using from our grandmothers.

Usually, a pregnancy test identifies the HCG(Human Chronic Gonadotropin) hormone which is present in either urine or blood. This hormone is released by the cells of placenta which is a sac formed to protect the egg once it gets attached to your uterus wall. Like, digital pregnancy test, homemade pregnancy test also detects the same hormone in urine.

There are different types of pregnancy tests such as urine pregnancy test and blood pregnancy test. Here are the easy and cheap homemade pregnancy tests that give most accurate results. But before going to home remedies for pregnancy tests, know when to check pregnancy.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test?

Before conception, a lot of changes takes place in your body. Most women thought the missing menstrual period is the sign of pregnancy and then they go for a pregnancy test. But woman's reproductive system is different for everyone and reacts differently to pregnancy. Hence, the common signs and symptoms of pregnancy include:

Whenever you spot these signs and symptoms of pregnancy, then it's the time to do a pregnancy test.

How to Increase the Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests?

While testing pregnancy, we made some small mistakes which can lead to inaccurate results. Hence to get accurate and reliable pregnancy test results, follow these tips.

How to Check Pregnancy at Home? Best Homemade Pregnancy Tests

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To confirm your pregnancy, use anyone in these natural pregnancy tests

Easy Homemade Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

To confirm pregnancy, toothpaste pregnancy test is the best method. It requires plain and white toothpaste because gel, colored toothpaste doesn't give effective results. So, use this most reliable pregnancy test.

How to make homemade pregnancy test using toothpaste?

  1. Take a little amount of white colored toothpaste into a bowl.
  2. To this paste, add an equal amount of collected urine.
  3. If the toothpaste turns to clear blue or frothy, then the result is positive.
  4. If you didn't spot any color change, it indicates pregnancy test negative.
  5. You can use either a spatula or brush to mix urine and toothpaste to test pregnancy.

Does Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test Work Really?

Bleach is commonly used as a cleanser and mostly used in all households. It reacts to HCG hormone traced in your urine and gives accurate result about pregnancy. So, use assured bleach test for pregnancy confirmation.

How to do a Home Pregnancy test with Bleach?

  1. Take some bleach in a bowl.
  2. Include the collected urine to the bleach and see for any reaction.
  3. If it fizzes and foams then you can confirm pregnancy.
  4. Else, if no reaction happens, the pregnancy test result is negative.

Note: You must handle bleach with care because it is a potentially dangerous substance. Hence, wear disposable gloves and make the pregnancy test outdoors to avoid harmful toxic effects.

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Can you Make a Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar?

Sugar is also one method in reliable homemade pregnancy tests. Do you know how sugar pregnancy test works? The HCG hormones in the urine don't allow the sugar to dissolve. Then, you can confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

Free Home Pregnancy Test with Sugar

  1. Take some amount of sugar in a container.
  2. Pour the collected urine in the sugar bowl.
  3. Check whether the sugar granules formed into a cluster or not.
  4. If sugar clusters, the pregnancy test is positive.
  5. Else, it indicates that you are not pregnant.

Note: Use white sugar and don't prefer powdered sugar because it doesn't clump and dissolves easily in the urine even you are pregnant. Natural Pregnancy test using sugar is best with an early morning urine.

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DIY Pregnancy Test with Soap

How to confirm pregnancy at home itself? The handy thing which confirms your pregnancy easily is soap. Like all other homemade pregnancy tests, it also identifies the presence of HCG hormone in your urine. So, you can make your own pregnancy test with soap water.

How to Test Pregnancy at Home with Soap?

  1. Collect the first urine in the day and pour it into a bowl.
  2. Then, add soap water to it.
  3. Wait for few minutes and then check if reacts.
  4. If this mixture bubbles, it indicates that you are pregnant.
  5. Otherwise, it shows pregnancy test negative.

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Check Your Pregnancy at Home with Salt

Another accurate one in the effective homemade pregnancy tests is with salt. If you are pregnant, it can also show a response to HCG hormone present in your urine. So, use this natural pregnancy test which is cheap and easy.

Earliest Pregnancy Test with Salt

  1. Collect the urine in a bowl.
  2. Add a little amount of salt to the urine.
  3. If the salt turns like a milk cheese, then the clear blue pregnancy test indicates positive.
  4. Otherwise, the test indicates that you are not pregnant.

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DIY Pine Sol Pregnancy Test to Confirm Your Pregnancy

Pine Sol is a natural cleaning agent, but it also works effectively for checking pregnancy symptoms. But the Pine Sol that doesn't contain any additives or fragrances is good pregnancy testers.

First Response Pregnancy Test at Home with Pine Sol

  1. Take some amount of pine sol into a transparent or white vessel to identify the color change.
  2. Add the first urine sample to this pine sol.
  3. Wait for few seconds to look color change.
  4. The answer of pregnancy test is positive if the mixture turns to another color.
  5. If the pine sol pregnancy test color doesn't change, the result is negative.
  6. This natural pregnancy test doesn't give particular color, but you can spot base color change.

Note: Most women believe this free pregnancy test, but there is not scientific research to get a conclusion on pregnancy. Also, the time of color change is not known to anyone.

Do Homemade Pregnancy Tests Give 100% Reliable Results?

Most women confused with the questions such as Can home pregnancy test be wrong? Are pregnancy tests accurate? Here is the answer for getting out from these confusions.

DIY pregnancy tests are cheap but don't give 100% accurate results. This is because the test depends on HCG hormone levels in the urine. Also, we don't know the specific time to conclude the results, no calculated ratios of urine and other household ingredients.

Finally, these are the best home pregnancy tests which are easy and cheap. If you want to maintain pregnancy as a secret, use these methods. But don't replace the pharmaceutical test with these natural pregnancy tests for the early pregnancy.

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