Trigger Finger Treatments At Home | Top 11 Natural Remedies For Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger also known to be 'Stenosing tenosynovitis' and trigger thumb sometimes. The cause of the condition is due to one of the fingers stuck in bent position. The trigger finger gives unbearable pain and making the finger stiff by limiting to bend situation. The issue of trigger finger at sometimes can lead to damage your hand permanently. Thus, let us know some of the home remedies for trigger finger.

Not to stress much on trigger finger as it is a mild issue observed in everyone usually but a heavy dose of this impression may result or lead making the hand stiff. Let us try to understand entirely about the countermeasures of trigger finger. We recommend the best home remedy for trigger finger below.

Home Remedies For Trigger Finger Pain

There are several home remedies with which you can keep an end to trigger finger. The only way is to notice the instructions below and choose one appropriate and easily accessible solution of your own and continue the treatment till you get relief against Trigger Finger.

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Natural Home Remedies For Trigger Finger Or Thumb Relief

Consider the top 12 home remedies for trigger finger relief here are great trigger finger solutions. Here are best and effective ways to cure trigger finger naturally for relieve mild trigger finger and Homeopathic remedy for trigger finger treatment without surgery.

Fix Trigger Finger With Aloe Vera

The one best remedy we can find in herbs is Aloe Vera. The most potent agent to heal inflamed skin, issues of acne, whiteheads and also treats causes of throats. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antifungal so it efficiently handles trigger thumb.

Aloe Vera Easy Steps To Deal With Trigger Finger
  1. Take a piece of aloe vera and extract its gel.
  2. Apply the gel regularly for 2-3 times per day to the affected fingers to diminish the issue, the best home remedy for trigger finger.

Turmeric For Trigger Finger

How to Deal with Trigger Finger? Turmeric has the very important ingredient curcumin in it, which is the best home remedies for trigger finger. The ingredient turmeric has the power to limit the production of the substance which causes pain. Thus, mostly turmeric helps as an ointment when anyone gets mild hurt.

Effective Home Remedies For Trigger Finger Steps Of Turmeric
  1. Add warm water to the turmeric powder and make a thick consistency.
  2. Apply the paste to the trigger fingers. The comfortable, natural trigger finger treatment at home.

Prevent Trigger Thumb By Pineapple

An auspicious summer fruit which is very helpful for trigger finger treatment is pineapple. The efficient providence of vitamins and nutrients help in disposing of dead tissue from the body. Thus, the eradicated dead tissue soothes the pain of swell caused by trigger finger. The element, bromelain present in pineapple assist in reducing pain.

Pineapple To Fix Trigger Finger & Thumb
  1. You can directly eat pineapple regularly or make it juice to get rid of trigger finger and also helps you improve your resistance power.

Ginger for Quick Relief Of Trigger Thumb

The leading remedy which is seen mostly in every kitchen is ginger. Ginger works effectively as home remedies for trigger finger as it has the properties of anti-inflammation and antioxidant which helps trigger finger treatment at home. It heals the trigger finger issue, minutes the pain and gives instant relief.

Ginger Natural Trigger Finger Treatment
  1. Cut a piece of ginger and rub it to the affected part of trigger finger, the nutrients in ginger will be absorbed by the skin and gives instant relief from trigger finger.

Cure Trigger Thumb By Cherry

An excellent remedy regarding treating trigger finger is cherry. Let us know how this fruit helps in trigger finger treatment of home remedies. Significantly, cherry has anthocyanin which is an anti-inflammatory property. Furthermore, cherry plays a vital role to reduce the risk of cancer. Add cherries to your daily diet to have an instant cure for trigger finger.

Acupuncture To Heal Trigger Finger

The other most exceptional home remedies for trigger finger which is proven and most people undergo after doctor's instruction is acupuncture. The natural treatment of trigger finger includes acupuncture as it reacts immediately to get rid of the pain. The way of treating trigger finger with the help of acupuncture is to insert a needle at the joints of the fingers which heals the pain instantly. Thus, acupuncture is the best remedy to fix the pain spontaneously. We recommend a professional to treat trigger finger.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Trigger Finger

There are several ways to stop trigger finger, and the best thing to know is that the ingredients are available at home itself. Most commonly trigger finger or trigger thumb attacks the age group between 40-60 or the people experiencing diabetes, hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, etc. Let us know the simple techniques of home remedy for trigger finger.

Trigger Finger Treatment With Hot Compress

The natural treatment of trigger finger is Hot compress. The therapy helps when your pain is worst and could not bear yourself. Warm compress home remedies for trigger finger treatment helps to treat trigger finger.

How To Cure Trigger Finger With Hot Compress Steps
  1. Take a woolen cloth and dip in warm water.
  2. Squeeze the water from the cloth and tie or just place the fabric on the affected finger, this helps to give relief from the pain.

Coconut Oil - Essential Oils For Trigger Finger

Coconut oil helps in treating various forms of dermatitis treatment. The essential oil has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which soothes the pain and diminish the hurt by regular usage. The procedure to treat trigger finger is easy when compared with other issues.

The simple technique is to apply coconut oil and massage the hand to reduce the pain where it persists. The coconut oil lessens and prevents swelling and inflammation. Hence, you can have a quick relief from trigger thumb/trigger finger.

Fix Trigger Finger By Fish Oil

How to cure trigger finger without surgery? The other natural remedy with vitamin b6 for trigger finger to heal trigger finger is fish oil. The acids present in fish oil helps to fight with the tissues which are damaged and gives instant relief to trigger finger. The fatty omega-3 fatty acids are the properties abundantly available in fish oil. Hence, add fish oil to your daily diet to maintain and cure trigger finger naturally.

Almonds To Heal Trigger Thumb

How Long Does Recovery From Trigger Finger Take? Also, almonds also play's a vital role in to cure trigger finger. It has all the unsaturated fats and rich in Vitamin E, which are helpful for the natural treatment of trigger finger. Almonds have the power to cope up inflammation. Almonds work excellent in lubricating of finger joints and improve movement in them. Omega 3 fatty acid which is present in fish oil is present in almonds as well, so a couple of almonds a day is beneficial. You can heal the pain instantly by soaking a couple of almonds for 2-3 hours in water before you eat.

Stop Trigger Finger By Apple Cider Vinegar

Do not hesitate to include apple cider vinegar in the list of natural treatments for trigger finger as it nourishes in reducing swelling and pain due to trigger finger. Vinegar has the rich properties within it to decrease inflammation. Thus, we consider apple cider vinegar to tackle home remedies for trigger finger.

The natural treatment for trigger finger at home is to dilute the vinegar solution with water. You can directly intake apple cider vinegar or can apply and massage on the affected finger to get relief of pain and lessen swelling. The proportionality should be one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water.

Causes Of Trigger Finger

The fibrous cords which are attached to the muscle of the bone known to be tendons. Tendons have a protective sheath around them each. The cause of trigger finger is when tendon sheath experiences irritation and inflammation.

The symptoms observed are,

5 Easy Trigger Finger Exercises

The best way to cure the illness easily within time is to perform small exercises regarding trigger finger. The workout not only helps to soothe pain but it is a warm-up activity done to mould your hand as well. Performing exercise is one of the excellent and quick steps to heal pain for trigger finger at home.

Finger Straightening Exercise

  1. Make your fingers straight apart with some space between them for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Then hold back as a wrist for a minute.
  3. Perform the activity for at least 10-15 time and can exceed upto your limit.
  4. The remedy will help you as easy trigger thumb exercises.

Squeezing a Tennis Ball For Trigger Finger Exercises

Natural home remedies for trigger finger pain can be a simple exercise performed any time of the day smoothly. All you need is to have a tennis ball with you.

  1. Just hold the tennis ball completely covered with your hand and squeeze it with a little force.
  2. Squeeze the ball for about 10 seconds and relax back.
  3. You can repeat the steps for about 10-15 minutes as per your time persists and repeat the activity for 5-10 times regularly per day which is the trigger finger treatment home remedies.

Trigger Thumb Treatment - Rubber Band Technique

  1. Tie a rubber band around your fingers and thumb.
  2. With the less force try to expand your hand and join the fingers back against the resistance.
  3. Repeat the technique for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Try to perform this experiment as many times as possible per day.

Trigger Thumb Exercises For Instant Fix

  1. Thumb exercise is a natural and excellent remedy to work regularly.
  2. Firstly, separate your fingers apart to form a V shape between every thumb and fingers.
  3. Use Index and thumb finger to join and then separate.
  4. With the help of thumb join every finger and separate.
  5. The best trigger thumb treatment to perform regularly for about 5-10 times.

Avoid Trigger Finger By Abduction Muscle Exercise

The other trigger finger treatment massage home remedies are with Abduction Muscle Exercise, a simple workout for trigger finger treatment at home. The exercise performed without a tennis ball.

  1. Try to join your fingers to form a wrist with applying a little force and then relax your palm by expanding
  2. Perform this step for about 10-15 times or 5 minutes to get rid of trigger finger instantly.

Preventive Measures For Natural Treatment For Trigger Finger

Look at the effective home remedies for trigger finger with the best Trigger finger treatment ideas along with trigger finger hand exercises for trigger finger treatment at home. Top 11 Natural Home Remedies For Trigger Finger are given here for trigger finger brace for you to heal.

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