Natural Ways to Relieve Blocked Nose | Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose at Night

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose: A congested nose is a big challenging task during nights. Most of us think that the cause of stuffy nose is the excess mucus in the nose. However, the actual stuffy nose cause is an inflamed blood vessel in the sinuses. Infants, adults, newborns, ans everyone can face this problem at one or the other time. The triggers of inflammation include cold, flu, sinus infections, allergies. Moreover, the symptoms of a stuffy nose are a minor headache, sinus pain, watery eyes, hoarse voice.

When there is no immediate treatment for a stuffy nose or a blocked nose, it leads to ear infections and improper sleep. Many commercial nasal sprays can give a relief from a stuffy nose but they can make you addictive. So, natural solutions to get rid of a stuffy nose are here. Have a look at the best home treatments for a stuffy nose.

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose - Best Nasal Congestion Treatment

Below are the best natural solutions for a stuffy nose that can give you an instant comfort. Choose any one of them and use regularly to relieve a stuffy nose.

Home remedies for stuffy nose

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Steam Remedy for Nose Congestion

One of the best Home remedies for stuffy nose is the inhaling of steam. The warm vapors reduce the inflammation of blood vessels, thin up the mucus,

Quick Ways to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose

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Neti Pot to Clear Blocked Nose

To clear off nasal passages by removing congestion, neti pot is one of the common home remedies for stuffy nose. It flushes out the impurities, mucus present in your nasal passages. If you are suffering from flu, then avoid using this remedy for nasal congestion.

How to Fix a Stuffy Nose Fast?

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Eucalyptus Oil to Cure Stuffy Nose Naturally

For treating nasal congestion, eucalyptus oil is one of the effective home remedies for stuffy nose. It contains the anti-inflammatory and natural nasal decongestant properties. So, it helps to clear the thick mucus in the nose and also acts as the best natural cough suppressant.

How to Treat a Stuffy Runny Nose Naturally?

An alternative method of using eucalyptus oil to treat a stuffy nose is,

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Curing Nasal Congestion with Acupressure Points

Applying pressure on certain points on the body to relieve problems is the Acupressure treatment. It also works wonders to reduce a stuffy nose.

How to Relieve a Stuffy Nose with Acupressure?

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Natural Nasal Congestion Medicine - Black Pepper for Clogged Nose

Pepper is one of the relieving home remedies for stuffy nose while sleeping. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that provide a relief from congestion, blocked sinus, and blood tissues' swelling.

How to Use Black Pepper for s Stuffy Nose Cure?

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Does Cayenne Pepper Cure a Stuffy Nose?

Cayenne Pepper is one of the fastest home remedies for stuffy nose. It helps to treat nasal congestion and blocked sinuses very effectively. It contains the capsaicin which is a natural decongestant and also reduces swelling of blood vessels. The heat of cayenne pepper helps to drain a stuffy nose and draws out the mucus in the sinuses.

How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose Instantly?

An alternative way of curing a stuffy nose with cayenne pepper is by mixing pepper and honey in the ratio of 1:2. Intake of this mixture relieves you from a blocked nose.

These are some of the easy home remedies for stuffy nose. Opt the best and available home remedy for blocked nose or congested nose and use them regularly. If there is any severity in the problem, make a visit to the hospital and get the proper medication for a stuffy nose.

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