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One of the unfavorable and disturbing time for women every month is when they are menstruating. It not only makes them annoying, but a few of them also experience severe pain. So let us try some home remedies for light periods to get rid of light periods. We have gathered some of every day used ingredients with which you can deal scanty periods.

Light periods are known to be unusual light flow and loss of blood. It is accurate that each woman maintains a different menstrual cycle, but usually, most of them experience periods every 28 days. The period lasts for 2 to 7 days a month. Try the below prescribed natural remedies to fix light periods.

Home Remedies for Light nd Short Periods

Here are some of the ingredients which can be readily available at home. You can have a smile on your face if you follow the preventive measures for light periods mentioned down. You can perform the amazing home remedies for light periods if you face any issue during your menstrual period.

Home Remedies For Light Periods

Top 10 Best Natural Tips and Home Remedies for Scanty Periods

Here are the proven home remedies to stop period naturally on how to increase bleeding during periods naturally. Most effective natural tips and remedies are best to treat scanty periods. Importantly, you can check out the foods that increase blood flow during periods as the excellent top homeopathic remedies.

Dried Coconut to fix Light Periods

One of the best home remedies to cure light periods is dried coconut. The perfect ingredient, coconut oil is treated to stop light periods as it can stimulate brain functions with lowering the blood cholesterol levels and this way it circulates the waste elements through blood to flush out. Thus, dry coconut is an excellent way to light periods home remedies.

Home Remedies for Light Periods Ingredients
Improving Your Period With The Steps
  1. Smash the dry coconut into small pieces.
  2. Mix the smashed coconut with jaggery and make into small balls.
  3. Consume the solution regularly thrice to eliminate light periods.

Deal Light Periods with Ginger

Let us try the excellent home remedies for scanty periods, ginger which is readily available at home. The ingredient works efficiently to lessen severe pain at mensuration. The solution makes better in treating unbearable pain and recovers irregular periods. Thus, the ginger technique helps in light periods home remedies.

Natural Ingredients For Light Periods
Simple Steps To Fix Light Periods
  1. Crush some ginger into small pieces.
  2. Add the pieces in a cup of boiling water; you can add some honey as a sweetener.
  3. Drink the ginger tea twice or thrice a day for good results.

Papaya for Light Periods

The beautiful fruit which deals very less bleeding during periods is papaya. The fruit is very much useful during menstrual days, as it promotes shortening of uterine walls and avoids irregular periods. Such a way it also soothes pain with eradicating light periods. Consequently, we consider papaya for scanty periods home remedies.


Do not consume complete papaya at a time as it regulates excess heat in our body, due to which unnecessary acne can occur.

Recover Light Periods by Carrot Juice

Another best home remedies to cure light periods is carrot juice. The vegetable holds various properties which can effectively to reduce the intensity of pain. Carrot consists of unique fibers which detoxify the body and maintains the blood flow. Thus, the role of carrot is preferred in natural remedies for light periods.

Treat Scanty Periods With Ingredients
Tips For Light Period Steps
  1. Crush the carrot into small pieces.
  2. Blend the pieces with a glass of water.
  3. Drink the carrot juice regularly for one month to get best results for scanty periods home remedies.

Flaxseed Treatment for Light Periods

I want heavy periods, do not hesitate to consider flaxseed for home remedies for light periods. Flaxseeds reduce the inflammation during menstrual days and promote the functioning of hormones. Since, we add flaxseed to home remedies to cure light periods.

Cure For Irregular Periods
Simple Steps For Light Periods
  1. Make a fine powder of flaxseed and store in a bottle.
  2. Add a half spoon of flaxseed powder in a cup of boiling water and drink regularly.
  3. The flaxseed technique can improve your blood flow, and lighten your scanty periods.

Cure Light Periods with Spinach Juice

Try an auspicious leafy vegetable, spinach juice for light periods home remedies. The spinach is loaded with vitamin K which assists blood clots. Hence, spinach juice can deal with light periods right away and easily work on a home remedy for heavy bleeding during periods.

Scanty Periods Home Remedies Ingredients
Steps Of Home Remedies For Scanty Periods
  1. Blend spinach leaves with a glass of water in a grinder.
  2. Consume the juice regularly once to get rid of light periods.

Pineapple Controlling Light Periods

How to make your period flow heavier? We introduce the best home remedies for light periods, pineapple. The presence of vitamin C helps in contraction of the uterus, by which the scanty periods can be reduced. Consequently, we can trigger light periods instantly with pineapple.

Cure Regular But Scanty Periods
  1. You can directly eat pineapple slices or can make juice of it.

Regulate Light Periods with Beetroot

The beetroot has all the rich properties which help in the stimulation of blood. We consider beetroot as home remedies for light periods as it promotes blood circulation to various part of the body and improves the blood flow at the time of periods as well. Hence, we consider beetroot as home remedies for scanty periods.

Top Homeopathic Remedies Ingredients
How To Make Your Period Flow Heavier Steps
  1. Take a beetroot and dice it into small pieces.
  2. Add a cup of water to the beetroot pieces and blend them in a grinder.
  3. Try to drink the remedy at least once daily to control regular but scanty periods.

Turmeric to Heal Light Periods

Are you suffering with no bleeding during periods? Another perfect natural remedies for light periods is turmeric. The ingredient holds curcumin agent with it, which consists anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, healing premenstrual issues like back and stomach aches and balances mood swings additionally. Thus, we add turmeric to trigger light periods and actively take part in home remedies for light nd short periods.

Ingredients Of Scanty Periods Home Remedies
Best Natural Tips Steps
  1. Slightly fry a half teaspoon of turmeric powder along with one teaspoon of sesame seeds and white butter each.
  2. Now immediately pour a glass of milk in the vessel containing the ingredients and boil for 5-6 minutes.
  3. Add honey as a sweetener and consume two glass of solution every day to get rid of discomforts.

Get Rid of Light Periods with Parsley

Here we see the home remedies for light periods with parsley. The ingredient is effective in curing cramps, a menstrual issue. Taking parsley regularly can assure that your period will happen every month without fail reducing light and short periods. Thus, we recommend intaking parsley regularly to get rid of scanty periods.

Ingredients To Trigger Irregular Periods
Get Rid Of Less Bleeding During Periods With the Steps
  1. Take some parsley and clutch them for fresh juice.
  2. Mix the fresh content to cucumber juice so that you can improve light periods spontaneously.

Preventive Measure of Scanty or Light Periods

Here are the best natural tips and remedies for scanty periods. Treat light periods with simple home remedies for scanty periods.

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