How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Face? Best Home Remedies for Dark Spots

Home Remedies for Dark Spots: Attending a party with thick layers of foundation to cover the dark spots on your face is an annoying thing. Isn't it? With makeup, you can cover them slightly but what about the permanent solution for dark spots? People with dark spots look aged from the rest of the crowd. So, one should concentrate in lightening the dark spots immediately.

But what are these dark spots and why do they occur? Dark spots are also called age spots, black spots, liver spots, sun spots, brown spots. They are the discolored skin patches which can occur on your shoulders, arms, and back. When the secretion of melanin pigment, the black spots appear. Some other causes of dark spots include sun exposure for long hours, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, and stress.

Though dark spots are not a sign of health risks, it lowers ones' self-esteem. So, instead of covering them with thick makeup, why not use the natural treatments to lighten dark spots? Keep reading to know the methods to get rid of dark spots or black spots naturally.

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Home Remedies for Dark Spots Treatment

Various kitchen ingredients that treat dark spots or sun spots naturally at home are below. Try them regularly at least for a month to get an improvement.

Can Lemon Juice Clears Dark Spots on Your Skin?

Lemon juice is one of the best home remedies for dark spots. Because it has the natural skin bleaching properties which lighten dark spots or black spots. The citric acid of lemon reduces the melanin production, and moreover, it exfoliates the dead skin cells. The home remedy for black spots with lemon is very effective in removing dark spots in any of the body parts.

How to Use Lemon to Lighten Dark Spots on Your Skin?

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Removal of Dark Spots on Face with Lemon Juice and Potato

Apart from these methods, you can also rub a lemon slice or lemon juice on the patches. Let it dry and wash off with water. Do this also can help to get rid of liver spots naturally. Ensure that you avoid sun exposure till 6 hours of lemon treatment for black spots. Because lemon makes you photo-sensitive and causes irritation, burning sensation.

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Natural Remedies to Reduce Dark Spots and Pigmentation - Sandalwood

Here is one of the effective home remedies for dark spots. The sandalwood treatment for dark patches on skin is the best of all. Because it contains the antiseptic, skin lightening, anti-aging properties which reduce brown spots and hyper-pigmentation. Moreover, it possesses the natural soothing and cooling effect on the skin.

Sandalwood Homemade Face Pack to Treat Dark Spots

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Reduce Aging Skin Spots with Sandalwood Oil

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Treatment for Dark Spots on Face with Milk

Milk is one of the soothing home remedies for dark spots. It contains the vitamin A, biotin, vitamin D, and lactic acid. It removes the skin impurities and lightens black spots and blemishes. Moreover, the pregnant women can use milk to lighten dark spots safely.

How to Use Milk for Dark Spots?

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Tips and Precautions to Remove Dark Spots

Along with the use of above home remedies for dark spots, one should follow some tips to completely prevent black spots and pigmentation. Here are the natural tips to prevent brown spots on the skin.

  1. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and get a healthy spot free skin.
  2. Eat the foods rich in anti-oxidant properties like dark chocolate, soy, fava beans, citrus fruits, green tea, ginkgo to stop dark spots on face, legs, hands, chest, buttocks.
  3. Perform a regular yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, therapies, to reduce your stress which is a major cause of dark spots.
  4. Use the sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium, dioxide while you go out in the sun. This prevents the formation of brown or black spots.
  5. Make sure you remove the makeup before using any of the above dark spots home remedies.

So, these are some of the easy home remedies for dark spots. Use them regularly and share your experience in the below comment section.

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