How to cure Constipation? 5 Surprising Home Remedies for Constipation

Effective Home Remedies for Constipation: Finding difficulty in passing stools? This condition is nothing but Constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is a common digestive problem for all age groups. The person with constipation strains too much and fails to empty the stools. Don't get frustrated; You can get quick relief from Constipation with these simple and best constipation home remedies.

Before going to discuss home remedies for Constipation, just know the Constipation Causes and Symptoms. Then, it will be easy to find the reason why you constipation and hence you will easily cure Constipation.

how to deal with constipation

Constipation: Causes, symptoms and home remedies

What causes Constipation and What are the Symptoms of Constipation?

In a simple sentence, constipation means, slower movement of food waste through the digestive tract. The main causes of Constipation are:

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The Constipation symptoms include the following.

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Best Home Remedies for Constipation - Natural Constipation Relief Remedies

foods that cause constipation

Try these home remedies to relieve constipation instantly

Fennel Seeds to encourage Bowel Movements naturally

The first one in the list of Top 10 Home Remedies for Constipation is Fennel Seeds. Generally, we use these seeds after taking a heavy meal to speed up the digestion. Besides, they can also treat Constipation, Bloating problems and help to promote smooth muscle movements in your digestive tract. Hence, use this home remedy to relieve constipation quickly.

Fennel seeds to get instant relief from Constipation
  1. Before going to bed at night, mix half tsp of fennel seeds in a glass of lukewarm water.
  2. Cover the glass with a plate and let it stand for overnight.
  3. The very next morning, drink this solution on an empty stomach.
  4. Repeat this Constipation Treatment every day until your Constipation Cures.
Homemade Constipation Medicine with Fennel seeds powder
  1. Take 1 cup of fennel seeds and roast them.
  2. Grind the roasted fennel seeds and sieve the powder.
  3. Store this immediate Constipation relief powder in a jar.
  4. Consume 1/2 tsp of this powder along with warm water daily.
  5. Repeating this natural remedy also helps a lot for treating Constipation.

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Avoid Constipation Naturally with Grapes

Are grapes good or bad for constipation? Grapes are the most delicious fruits which are favorite for both adults and babies. They contain insoluble fiber, sugar, cellulose, and an organic acid which can help to encourage regular bowel movements. Also, these compounds made Grapes to work like a natural laxative for Constipation.

Baby Constipation Treatment with Grapes
  1. Consume a small bowl of grapes or drink 1/2 glass of fresh organic grape juice daily.
  2. Alternatively, add 10 to 12 seedless grape to milk.
  3. Boil it for few minutes.
  4. Drink this solution every day in the evening for treating Constipation.
  5. This method works mostly for toddler Constipation and also prevent further episodes of Constipation.
Fast acting Constipation Relief with Raisins
  1. If grapes are not available to you, then consume soaked raisins.
  2. Soak raisins in the water for one day.
  3. After, eat those soaked raisins along with water in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. Repeat these two Constipation home Remedies regularly for fast relief.

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Are figs good for constipation?

Another home remedy for Constipation is Figs. They contain a high amount of fiber which acts as the natural laxative and hence helps to loosen the hard stools. Both fresh and dried figs are beneficial for the treatment of Constipation. While eating fresh figs, consume them along with skin because it contains most of the calcium and fiber. Hence, people having Chronic Constipation must include figs in their daily diet.

How do I soften my stool with figs and almonds?
  1. Take dried figs and two or three almonds.
  2. Soak both of them in water for few hours.
  3. Then, peel the almonds and grind both ingredients.
  4. Consume this paste along with 1 tbsp of honey at night time.
  5. Regular practice of this natural remedy can treat Constipation fastly.
The best cure for Constipation using Ripe Figs.
  1. Take either dried or ripe figs in a glass of milk.
  2. Boil the mixture for some time.
  3. Drink this milk before going to sleep for curing Constipation.
  4. Use both of these Home Remedies to Relieve Constipation Naturally.

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Natural Constipation Relief Remedies - Lemonade for Constipation

How to treat constipation naturally permanently? Lemons are the best natural remedies for Constipation. Being rich in magnesium, the lemons encourage bowel muscles contractions. Also, they help to flush out harmful toxins out of the body which in turn treats Constipation instantly. Hence, this is the simple and easy treatment for IBS or Constipation.

Constipation Home Treatment with Lemon juice
  1. Take a fresh lemon and made it into two halves.
  2. Extract the juice from half a lemon.
  3. Add this lemon juice to a glass of lukewarm water.
  4. You can also add a pinch of salt or honey for taste.
  5. Drink this Constipation drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
  6. You can also have this solution in the evening.
  7. Use this Constipation remedy to cure irritable bowel syndrome.

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Does Castor oil help for Constipation Treatment?

How to reduce constipation at home? Castor oil is another most effective natural remedy for constipation. Being a natural laxative, it deals with irritable bowel movements by stimulating small and large intestines. This is the best solution for constipation in adults. Even though it is good for IBS treatment but don't use this oil for extended periods.

How to prevent constipation using castor oil?
  1. Intake castor oil of 1 dessert spoon on an empty stomach.
  2. If you can't consume it directly, add apple juice or orange juice for taste.
  3. Within a few hours, you will get instant relief from severe constipation.

Note: Don't use this Constipation home treatment for infants and toddlers. Also, reduce the amount of castor oil to a teaspoon for kids and children.

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Natural ways to get rid of Constipation (or) Tips to Prevent Constipation

Along with using home remedies for constipation, follow the below natural tips for constipation prevention. These tips help you for not getting IBS again.

So, these are the cheap and best home remedies for constipation. Follow them regularly to relieve constipation fastly. If you didn't see any improvement in your bowel movements, consult the doctor.

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