How to cure Asthma? Best Home Remedies for Asthma

Home Remedies for Asthma: Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease which causes difficulty breathing. This disease occurs due to stoppage of air flow from nasal area to lungs and vice versa. The person who suffers Asthma finds difficulty in breathing and feels congested and suffocated. Asthma affects people of all age groups, i.e., 2-year children to 50-year adults. Getting rid of Asthma is not an easy task, but you can get quick relief from Asthma by these Simple Home Remedies for Asthma.

What is Asthma? Asthma is a condition which occurs due to narrowing of air flow passages to lungs. Asthma can be acute or chronic. Generally, Asthma is of two types Allergic Asthma and Non-Allergic Asthma. Allergic Asthma occurs due to dust mites, pollen, etc. While non-allergic asthma occurs due to strong perfumes, exercise, cold weather, etc. The other Asthma Triggers include certain health issues like stress, obesity, acid reflux, allergens. Look through the Asthma Symptoms and Natural Remedies for Asthma Attacks.

What are the Symptoms of Asthma?

How do I know if I have asthma? The signs and symptoms of Asthma include the following.

Whenever you get these Asthma Symptoms, follow the below-proven home remedies for Asthma Attacks.

How to get rid of Asthma - Effective Home Remedies for Asthma Attacks

How can I breathe better with asthma

Use these home remedies for quick asthma relief

Eucalyptus oil for Quick Asthma Relief

An excellent treatment for Asthma Symptoms is Pure Eucalyptus Oil due to its decongestant properties. Studies prove that the chemical called Eucalyptol in this oil can break up mucus and treats Asthma quickly. Also, Eucalyptus oil reduces pain and inflammation by blocking the chemicals which cause Asthma. This oil gives fast relief from Asthma better than the over the counter Asthma Inhaler. So, use this natural medicine for Asthma Treatment at home.

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How to treat Asthma at home using Eucalyptus oil?

Method-1: (Eucalyptus oil and paper towel for treating Asthma)

  1. Pour few drops of this oil into a paper towel.
  2. Keep this towel near to your head while sleeping.
  3. This method will help you to open up lungs and promotes easy breathing.
  4. Also, prevents the further appearance of asthma.
  5. Repeat this home remedy for Asthma whenever you find difficult breath.

Method-2: (Eucalyptus oil and boiling water for getting rid of Asthma)

  1. Add 2 or 3 drops f eucalyptus oil in a pan containing steaming water.
  2. Cover your head with a towel.
  3. Now, go close to the pan and take a deep breath to inhale the steam.
  4. Repeat this method 3 times in a day to control Asthma.

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Cure Asthma Naturally with Ginger

Ginger, the well-known ingredient from our kitchen cabinet works great for the Natural Asthma Treatment. It contains the compounds called zingerones, gingerols, and shogaols. These components act as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant which cures Asthma equally as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Asthma drugs. Also, it helps to relax muscles and reduces airway inflammation by inhibiting airway contraction. Hence, use this Homemade Asthma Medicine for Severe Asthma Treatment.

How can I help Asthma using Ginger?

Method-1: (Pomegranate juice, ginger juice, and honey for Asthma Relief)

  1. First, extract the juice from ginger and pomegranate separately.
  2. Mix both of these juices with honey very well.
  3. Consume 1 tbsp of this homemade Asthma Medication for two or three times in a day.
  4. Repeating this home remedy for Asthma regularly can help a lot for fast Asthma Cure.

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Method-2: (Ginger and boiling water for the treatment of Asthma)

  1. Take a fresh ginger root and cut one inch from it.
  2. Add this root to a bowl of boiling water.
  3. Heat the solution for 5 minutes.
  4. Then, allow the mixture to cool down naturally.
  5. After cooling, drink this solution to get rid of Asthma without an inhaler.
  6. Regular practice of this Asthma Home Remedy can cure Asthma Symptoms.

Method-3: (Fenugreek seeds, ginger to open up lungs)

  1. To detoxify lungs, boil one tbsp of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water.
  2. Include one tsp of ginger juice and little amount of honey to this water.
  3. Drink this concoction every day in the morning and evening.
  4. This natural remedy is effective in treating Asthma.
  5. Hence, repeat this method whenever you feel congested.

You can also eat raw ginger root by adding salt to it. Chewing ginger root daily can control Asthma effectively.

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Easy Home Remedies for Asthma Control - Lemon

Another simple home remedy for Asthma Control is a lemon. As we know lemon is rich in Vitamin C and hence it enhances the immune system and makes it more resistant to diseases. But is also keeps the lungs clean and stronger and acts as antiseptic and antioxidant. Hence, it kills bacteria and reduces Asthma inflammation. So, use this natural cure for Asthma Relief.

How to get rid of Asthma at home using lemon?
  1. Extract the juice from a one-half of lemon.
  2. Add water and honey or sugar to it according to your taste.
  3. Drink this concoction to treat Asthma.
  4. If this remedy doesn't suit you, try any of the other home remedies for Asthma.

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Mustard Oil for bronchial asthma treatment

What helps an Asthma Attacks? The kitchen ingredient used for every recipe preparation is Mustard Seeds which can also be used for controlling Asthma. These seeds are rich in selenium and magnesium. Hence, they act as anti-inflammatory agent and clears respiratory passages. Massaging the mustard seed oil can promote normal breathing and hence controls Asthma Attacks. Therefore, this is the best medication for Asthma.

How to cure Asthma naturally permanently using mustard oil?
  1. First, heat mustard oil by adding little amount of camphor.
  2. Allow the oil to cool for few minutes.
  3. Then, massage this oil on the chest for 5 minutes to get relief from Asthma Signs and Symptoms.
  4. You can also use this oil in cooking.
  5. Repeat this Asthma Home treatment regularly.

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Does Garlic Help to Control Adult Onset Asthma?

Garlic is an excellent Asthma Remedy for curing signs and symptoms of Asthma at an early stage. The anti-inflammatory nature of garlic reduces the inflammation and clears the congestion of your lungs. Hence, include garlic in your Asthma Diet Plan.

How to prevent Asthma with Garlic?

Method-1: (Garlic cloves and milk for toddler asthma cure)

  1. Heat 1/2 cup of milk by adding 10 to 15 garlic cloves.
  2. Turn off the flame and let the solution to cool for few minutes.
  3. Drink this milk once in a day to stop asthma.

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Method-2: (Garlic cloves and hot water for curing Asthma Attacks)

  1. Mash up 3 or 4 garlic cloves.
  2. Add the mixture to a glass of hot water.
  3. Boil the water for 5 minutes and wait until the mixture reaches to room temperature.
  4. Drink this homemade asthma medicine for once in a day.

So, these are the top 5 Asthma Home Remedies. These natural remedies can help a lot for relieving Asthma Attacks better than over the counter medications. Since these Asthma remedies are available in our home, you have no need to afford extra dollars for Asthma drugs.

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    my mother is suffering from asthama since childhood now she is 46 years old & she is taking budecort 200 inhaler & asthalin inhaler 3 times a day & deriphylin tablet 2 times a day & some times she takes wysolone 10 mg when it is severe attack we have consulted many doctors but they have adviced the same procedure.she is dibatic & BP patient.plz advice me because she getting weaker day by day.

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