Simple & Effective Ways to Get Rid of Vaginal Itching Naturally at Home

Get Rid of Vaginal Itching: Genital itching is the most discomforting situations for women in their lifetime. The causes of vaginal itching may be bacteria or vaginal yeast infection, menopause, STD's or chemical irritants. Having a weak immune system and excessive stress, anxiety may also cause vaginal itching. They also enhance the symptoms of vaginal itching like redness, swelling, and vaginal discharge. To be free from vaginal thrush, one requires a proper hygiene and a healthy diet.

To be free from vaginal thrush, one requires a proper hygiene and a healthy diet. Moreover, to get relief from the vaginal itching symptoms, there are some simple home remedies for vaginal itching.

Top Home Remedies to Get Rid of Vaginal Itching and Burning Faster

get rid of vaginal itching

Try any of these remedies fo getting rid of vaginal itching.

Quick Relief for Genital Itching with Cold Compress

One of the effective ways to get relief from vaginal itching instantly is the cold compress technique. It soothes the area and reduces vaginal inflammation and burning. Look how to use the cold compress method for curing vaginal itching.

Soothing Treatment for Vaginal Itching

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Salt Water Bath for Vaginal Yeast Infection

This remedy not only provides relief from vaginal itching but also provides a relaxation for the body. Salt prevents the infection causing bacteria. Epsom salt or the sea salt can work for treating vaginal itching.

Best Way to Treat Vaginal Itching Naturally at Home

To get an instant vaginal itching relief, add a tsp salt to a glass of water and use this water to wash your genital areas. If you have any cuts, bruises or open sores, avoid using this salt bath as it may irritate the skin.

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Diet Plan for Treating Vaginal Itching and Inflammation

Feminine Itching Home Remedies with Basil Leaves

Here is the natural way to cure vaginal itching with basil leaves. The leaves of basil are a pack of antifungal and antibacterial properties that can prevent the bacteria in the genital areas. So, you can add this to the list of best remedies to treat vaginal itching and burning.

Homemade Medicine for Itching in Private Parts

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Stop Vaginal Yeast Infection Itching with Indian Lilac ( Neem)

Indian Lilac is one of the best home remedies to cure vaginal itching effectively. It contains the antiseptic properties which reduce itching and other issues. So, you can treat it as one of the best remedies to treat vaginal itching due to yeast infection.

How to Cure Itching in Vagina with Indian Lilac?

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Antibacterial Solution for Vulvar Itching - Rosemary Leaves

The rosemary leaves contribute in the prevention of Candidiasis which is a fungal infection. So, it can be helpful in treating vaginal infection very effectively and also provides relief from vaginal yeast infection.

Best Way to Get Rid of Vaginal Itching

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Coconut Oil for Vaginal Itching Treatment - Home Remedies for Itching in Private Parts

The very common household oil is the coconut oil. It is the best vaginal itching home remedy. Coconut oil carries lauric, capric, and caprylic acids which contain antiviral and antibacterial properties. These acids break down yeast's cell membrane. It provides relief from the itching and burning as it is naturally hydrating and soothing. Here are the ways to get rid of vaginal itching using coconut oil.

How to use coconut oil for vaginal yeast infection?

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Simple Ways to Stop Vaginal Itching Immediately

  1. Avoid the usage of harsh soaps and chemical vaginal washes as they irritate and aggravate vaginal itching.
  2. Try to avoid vaginal douching, excessive washing of vaginal areas as it may dry the skin too much and irritates.
  3. To prevent vaginal itching, wear a clean and hygienic underwear after a bath.
  4. Prevent wearing tight clothing, fabrics,  as they heat up the area and creates a yeast-friendly environment.
  5. Avoid scratching, doing bubble baths and participating in sex until you get relief from vaginal itching.
  6. Have a bath or a shower as soon as you complete swimming or exercising to get rid of vaginal itching.

So, these are some of the safer home remedies for vaginal itching. Along with these remedies, follow the regular usage of the tips to control vaginal itching faster. If there is any excessive discomfort, consult a doctor and get the best treatment for vaginal itching.

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