Effective Home Remedies For Earache | Ear Infection Treatment At Home

Our sense organs are very important to work otherwise we won't be able to live a normal life. An ear is one of the sense organs that that plays an important role in our life. But sometimes our ear is attacked by the bacteria causing an ear infection. There are various Ear Infection Remedies for adults and babies as well that can be prepared and used at home.

Sometimes ear infection can be caused due to the poor hygiene of ear. We should clean our ear time to time otherwise excess wax inside the ear may cause the ear infection and may suffer a lot.

How To Get Rid Of An Ear Infection

What are the natural remedies for ear infections? Ear infection is not any big problem that can not be cured at home. There are various kitchen ingredients that help in treating the ear infection. Below some of the effective ear infection, natural remedies are given. Hopefully, they will heal all kind of problems inside your ears.

ear infection remedies

List of Ear Infection Home Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar - Home Remedy For Ear Infection

What can you take for an ear infection? Apple cider vinegar also helps in treating an ear infection. Plus, it helps maintain proper pH level in the stomach, which in turn helps restore regularity. It helps in regulating the blood sugar level, improves skin health also relieves symptoms of acid flux and so on. This is the natural remedy for dysuria treatment also helpful in restoring our mouth’s natural pH balance that promotes oral health.

Ingredients Requires To Prepare ACV
Steps How To Prepare ACV
  1. At first, Wash the apples and chop them into pieces.
  2. Keep the pieces in the glass jar.
  3. Pour water till all the apples not covered.
  4. Mix honey and stir it nicely.
  5. Leave it for upto one yo two weeks.
  6. Bubbles will form as sugar fermentation will start.
  7. Use this for how to prevent ear infection.
How to use ACV For Ear Infection
  1. Mix equal amount of apple cider vinegar and water or alcohol.
  2. Dip a cotton ball in that solution.
  3. Place the cotton ball in the infected ear like a plug for about five minutes.
  4. After five minutes, remove the cotton ball & lay down on your opposite side so that liquid from the ear drains.

How To Use Olive Oil For Ear Infection Treatment

What is good for an ear infection in adults? Sometimes, the wax inside the ear may be attacked by some fungus or bacteria which may cause ear infection due to the blockage of Eustachian tubes. Olive oil will help in clearing that blockage. When you put olive oil in your ear, it helps to loosen excess wax. Olive oil can be used as a lip scrub. This oil can be used to remove the heavy makeup on your face. It works as a natural lubricant, you can apply it before shaving.

  1. Take some olive oil in a small bowl.
  2. Warm it slightly then put few drops of it into the infected ear.
  3. Due to this wax in the ear will get soft.
  4. Remove the infected wax from the ear.

Note:-We can use mustard oil in place of olive oil.

Basil Leaves - Ear Infection Home Remedy

What is good for ear infection? Along with culinary uses, it has loads of medicinal benefits. It helps in treating an upset stomach. It also fights a common cough & cold. We can use basil leaves oil an effective ear drop. it helps in fighting the various types of ear infection. It also helps loosen the excess wax from our ear. Follow the procedure for how to get rid of an ear infection fast using the basil leaves. This can be used as one of the ear infection remedies for toddlers.


  1. Crush few fresh basil leaves to extract the juice.
  2. Apply that basil juice on the infected ear.
  3. Avoid getting the juice inside the ear canal.
  4. Mix few drops of holy basil oil and a carrier oil like coconut oil.
  5. Dip a cotton ball in it and gently wipe area inside the ear.
  6. These ear infection remedies naturally work.

Salt For Ear Infection Relief

Table salt also has numerous Uses. It is very effective in treating an ear infection. Along with this, it also provides relief from mosquitoes bite. It keeps the ants away. Salt helps in keep the sliced fruits & vegetables fresh, i.e., sliced fruits & vegetables do not turn brown if we apply salt to it. Therefore, try out the given procedure that how to soothe an ear infection in adults using salt.

  1. Heat up one cup of salt in a pan over low heat for a few minutes.
  2. Place that hot salt on a cloth and tie a knot seal the open end.
  3. Lay down & put the cloth on the affected ear for 5-10 minutes.
  4. The heat generated from it will help to draw out fluid from the ear which will give relief from swelling and pain.
  5. Repeat ear infection remedies daily as many times as needed.

Ear Infection Remedies Garlic

The antimicrobial properties & natural pain relieving qualities of garlic makes it highly effective in the treating the ear infections. It helps in stimulating the blood circulation. Garlic is rich in a compound called allicin which possesses various medical properties. It has both culinary as well as medicinal benefits. Garlic helps to combat common cold, blood pressure, the risk of heart diseases, also prevents Alzheimer's disease & dementia.

Things Required
  1. Prepare garlic oil by cooking few garlic cloves in two tablespoons of sesame oil.
  2. You can use mustard oil in place of sesame oil. Strain the solution.
  3. Heat it until it turns blackish.
  4. Put about 2-4 drops of this oil in the infected ear once it becomes cool.
Alternate Method
  1. Also, we can boil 2-3 fresh garlic cloves in water for about five minutes.
  2. Crush them & add some salt.
  3. Place this mixture in a clean cloth & place it against the affected ear.

How To Get Rid Of Ear Infection Using Onion?

The anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic properties of onion can be used to treat an ear infection. Along with this, it also improves digestion as it is a good source of a dietary fiber called Inulin. It prevents the allergies caused by asthama. Onions can be used as a remedy for the cold & respiratory disorder. It maintains bone health and also promotes hair growth. Use onions as home remedies for middle ear infection treatment. Use this for ear infection pain relief.

  1. Chop an onion bulb and microwave it for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Strain out the juice of that chopped onion.
  3. Put 2-3 drops of that juice in the infected ear,
  4. After sometimes, turn your head to drain out of your ear.
Alternate Method
  1. Also, bake an onion for about half an hour.
  2. Chop it into halves & put one half in a cotton cloth.
  3. Place that cloth on the infected ear upto five minutes.

Ear Infection Remedies Tea tree Oil

The anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil give quick relief from an earache due to infection. Tea tree oil is known for its powerful antiseptic properties and also the ability to heal wounds. This property helps in treating the swelling in the mouth caused due to bacterial infection. This essential oil has many medicinal benefits. It can be used to treat acne, bacterial infections, cold sores, congestion & respiratory tract infection. This is one of the best home remedies for ear infection in adults.

  1. Take two tablespoons of olive oil, about three drops of tea tree oil, a teaspoon of colloidal silver and also a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  2. Mix them nice and warm the mixture.
  3. Put few drops of that mixture oil into your ear.
  4. After five minutes, turn to the other side so that oil can be drained out.
  5. Do this remedy at least one time a day.
  6. Use These ear infection remedies.

How To Cure Ear Infection With Breast Milk?

The natural bodies present in the breast milk fight the ear infection. This is one of the best Home remedies for your baby's ear infection. It also helps in treating the blocked tear ducts in babies and also healing the inflammatory diaper rash. Therefore, follow the right way to treat an ear infection using breast milk.

  1. With the help of a dropper, put few drops of breast milk into the ear.
  2. After five minutes, turn to the other side so that oil can be drained out.
  3. Do this remedy at least one time a day.

Essential Oils For Ear Infection

Use the natural ear infection remedies given in the article. These are the trusted and foolproof ways to treat symptoms of ear infections. These natural remedies can be used to treat the ear infection in adults as well as toddler and infants.

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