How to Cure Dehydration Instantly? Dehydration Treatment at Home

The Dehydration Treatment: Can you imagine the world with no water? It's horrible. Right? The same applies to the body cells too, when 75% of our body constitutes water. Every minute cell in our body requires water for a proper functioning. Unless you supply an ample amount of water to the body, you cannot have a happy and healthy life. The fluid levels in our body have to be maintained all time, as fluids play an important role. From quenching our thirst to maintaining temperature levels ending with the proper functioning of our kidneys, water, and other fluids play a crucial role in our bodily functioning. When you fail to maintain fluid levels, your body wilts like a plant without water. Dehydration is a serious issue which has to be tackled immediately, scroll down the page and get some info on it.

What is Dehydration?

When the level of water content in the body is below the standard level, it is said to be the dehydration. But why does this happen? Below is the list of dehydration causes. The reasons that lead to dehydration are the daily actions and some environmental factors.

These are some of the causes of dehydration. But what happens if I have dehydration? The signs of dehydration depend on the percentage of water loss in the body. You might also have a question about how long does it take to recover from dehydration. That too depends on the level of water content in the body. Know what happens when you are dehydrated from the following.

  1. Moderate health effects - 3 to 4 percent of water loss.
  2. Dizziness, fatigue, nausea - 5 to 8 water loss percentage.
  3. Physical and mental deterioration, severe thirst - 10 percent loss.
  4. Death - 15 to 25 percent water loss.

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What is the Best Dehydration Treatment?

A mild dehydration shows discomfort, frequent thirst, and it can be eased with the oral rehydration. Some other dehydration treatment remedies are the following. Read and learn how to fix dehydration.

Dehydraiton Treatment

Make use of the home remedies for dehydration.

Increase Water Intake for Dehydration Treatment

The first step towards dehydration is to increase the level of water intake. Since dehydration is due to lack of water content in the body, your instant cure for dehydration is water. Even if you don't feel thirsty, you should drink water at frequent intervals. Doing this helps to prevent dehydration. A minimum level of water intake for a healthy person is 2 to 3 liters per day. So make up your schedule with 3 liters of water in a day for dehydration treatment.

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Coconut Water for Dehydration

Drinking a glass of coconut water is a natural treatment of dehydration. As the coconut water is rich in electrolytes, it rehydrates your body. The rate of absorption of coconut water by the body cells is fast, as the coconut has the same electrolyte consistency as human blood. Thereby, you can have quick results. Most of the sportsperson, fitness trainers, healthcare professionals suggest having coconut water. The Journal of Internation Society of Sports Nutrition says that coconut water replaces the sports drinks in supplying instant energy. Therefore, try this coconut home remedy for dehydration. Please, stay away from packed and processed coconut water, always prefer fresh fruit.

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Barley Water - Natural Medicine for Dehydration

Barley is one of the home remedies for dehydration in adults. Summer enters, and barley seeds enter your kitchen. Even if we don't like to drink them, it's good for health in summer. There are many recipes with barley. But choose the barley water to get rehydrated. How to cook barley water?

The Barley Water Recipe for Dehydration
  1. Firstly, rinse off the barley seeds cleanly under running water.
  2. Measure 1/3 cup of barley seeds and 1 cup of water.
  3. Let the water boil and add barley.
  4. This way, you'll cook barley seeds in water.
  5. You'll need 1 hour for the barley seeds to cook.
  6. After they get softer, you can add sugar or jaggery to sweeten the solution.

Drink the barley solution daily in summer or the hot temperature days. It will help in rehydrating your body.

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Dehydration Remedies with Oral Rehydration Solution

Have you heard of the Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)? It is a dehydration treatment which involves the fluid replacement. This is a method of drinking water with sugar and salts. A regular usage of this ORT prevents the death that is caused due to a 93% diarrhea and dehydration. A very rapid rate of rehydrating the body is necessary when you are with dehydration. So, prepare the ORS liquid at your home itself.

The homemade Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)
  1. To 4 cups of water, add 6 tbsps of brown sugar or sugar, and half a tbsp of salt.
  2. Mix them thoroughly till you get a clear salt and sugar solution.
  3. Have this solution daily until you get healthier.

The WHO approved ORS products are also available in the market. You can buy them too. Store a pack of ORS to ease any emergency cases of dehydration.

Is Banana Good for Dehydration?

Banana is another fruit that helps in dehydration treatment. It treats a very mild dehydration. One of the affects of dehydration is a loss of potassium in the body. As bananas are rich in potassium, they help to restore the lost mineral. It also treats the muscle cramps that occur due to dehydration in the body. So, have 1 to 2 bananas in a day to get back moisture in the body. You can also have the smoothies with banana. Best drink for dehydration besides water!

Treatment for Dehydration with Watery Foods

If you are suffering from a mild to moderate dehydration, then along with drinking liquids, increase the intake of fruits and veggies. There are various foods that provide enough water to your body. They contain hydrating salts, sugars, minerals, proteins, etc. Just add them to your regular diet in the form of salads or smoothies. Below is the list of foods that serve you a good amount of water. Add variety to your dehydration remedies!

Dehydration treatment

What foods to eat while dehydrated?

Some other top foods for dehydration are the following.

A study conducted in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland proves that these foods are capable of hydrating the body twice more than a single glass of water. So, start eating these foods rich in water to cure dehydration fast.

Instant Cure for Dehydration with Buttermilk

If there is a necessity of going out in the sun, then carry a bottle of buttermilk. Have a sip of it in small intervals. This might help you restore the loss of water due to excess sweating. Also, the salts, sugar, and any spices you added will supply you with the minerals as well. So, make it a habit of drinking buttermilk very frequently during the summers. So, these are some of the dehydration treatment methods at home. Basic remedies that you should perform when you feel uncomfortableness suddenly during work.

Pickle Juice

How to fix dehydration due to loss of electrolytes? Your body tends to lose a lot of potassium and sodium quickly, mostly through sweat. To restore these essential electrolytes, you can drink pickle juice which has sodium and a bit of potassium as well. A study found that men felt instant relief from muscle cramps due to dehydration when the drank pickle juice. So, you can drink pickle juice after your workout. This tangy juice is definitely my favourite dehydration treatment!

How to treat dehydration with Epsom Salt Bath?

Magnesium deficiency is a dangerous thing; the functions and uses of magnesium are varied and play an important role in our body. To state a few, magnesium helps to maintain heart rhythms, is needed for muscle contractions, for nerve functioning, bone-building and reducing anxiety, digestion and keeping a stable protein-fluid balance. Epsom salt is an easy source of magnesium, and an Epsom salt bath will do you good. Epsom salt and lavender essential oil will relax you while your body absorbs much-required magnesium. This dehydration remedy you can use every other day to relax and sleep better as well.

Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits like mangoes, lychee, coconut, avocado, tangerine, etc grow in abundance in tropical countries and they have become part of thier diet. These fruits are only available in summers and the reason for that is quite obvious. These fruits are natural remedies for dehydration, and they work wonders to keep you hydrated throughout the summers. Some tropical fruits like dates are packed and available throughout the year, plantine or cooking banana will add to your spice quotient in this list of home remedies for dehydration.

Remember these tips for how to get rid of dehydration during summer or hot temperatures and make use of them. Do not hesitate to ask for someone's help during these situations. If there is a high dehydration problem then consult a medical professional.

Dehydration is Liquidity Crisis

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