How To Heal A Fracture Faster | Proven & Best Home Remedies For Bone Fracture

Bones are the essence of the animal body. They provide support and shape to the human body. The skull protects the brain and help in shaping the face. Backbone protects the spinal cord, a pathway for messages between the brain and the body. The ribs provide shelters to the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen, and the pelvis protects the bladder, intestines. But when the bone gets fractured in any body parts, it gives a lot of pain, and we become unable to perform our daily activities and bone fracture healing time depends on the severity of the fracture. How to heal Bone Fracture? There are best home remedies for bone fracture healing that give fast relief.

How to speed bone fracture healing is the first thing which comes to the mind of a person troubling with it. The human body has total 206 bones, which begin to develop before birth. When the skeleton first forms, it is made of flexible cartilage, but within a few weeks, the process of ossification begins.The process of ossification is when the cartilage is replaced by hard deposits of calcium phosphate and stretchy collagen, which are the two main components of bone. It takes approximately 20 years for the completion of this process. Bone fracture healing timeline can be between one month to three months for normal fracture. Biology of fracture healing is described below, read it to know more.

How to Heal Fracture Faster at Home

What are different bone fracture healing stages? How does a fracture heal itself? There are three bone fracture healing stages. They are

  1. Inflammatory stage
  2. Reparative stage
  3. Remodeling stage,  these are the 3 phases of fracture healing.

bone fracture healing

What is the first stage in the healing of bone fracture?  Just after the bone fracture, a small blood clot formation takes place around the fracture site which attracts white cells. These cells form part of the immune system.  They cause swelling, redness, Inflammation. Inflammation causes pain, but it triggers the growth of new blood vessels and the recruitment of other proteins that help with the bone-building process. This is how does a bone fracture heal. How long does a bone fracture take to heal?

Generally, within 4-12 weeks the fracture gets heal, but this healing process depends on the extent of damage to the bones. So the answer for how long does it take to recover from a fracture is not same for everyone. Therefore, it is not possible to tell the accurate time that how long does it take for a fracture to heal in adults. Below some of the impressive home remedies for fracture healing are listed that you can try out and get the best result from it.

Bone Fracture Healing Pain Remedies

Cold Compress is Used for How to Heal Broken Bones Fast

A cold compress is one of the instant pain relievers in case of bone fracture. It is one of the easiest and most effective home remedies for bone fracture that helps in reducing the swelling caused due to fracture and pain as well. It is the first stage in the healing of a bone fracture.

Application of ice for How  do fractures heal
  1. Wrap some ice cubes in a towel.
  2. Apply it to the fractured part of the body and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  3. Repeat the same procedure at least twice or thrice to see the improvement.

How to Heal a Fracture Using Pineapple?

It is a fruit that contains a component called Bromelain that helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation caused due to bone fracture. To heal the fracture earlier you need to consume about a half of pineapple of normal size daily.  Consuming it in the form of juice will also be helpful.

Turmeric For Bone Fracture

It is a health-friendly ingredient and has a  long list of health benefits. Including turmeric in your daily meal is one of the best natural remedies for healing bone fractures. Turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well that provides aid to the fractured bone. So, This can be used for bone fracture healing. Bone healing Foods should include turmeric milk. During bone healing timeline weeks, try to eat items that are rich in calcium.

How to use for fracture healing
  1. Take a glass of boiling milk.
  2. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder into it.
  3. Drink this milk every day, it not only helps in reducing pain but also it has many benefits.


  1. Take an onion bulb and a small root of turmeric.
  2. Make a paste of them and apply to the fractured part.
  3. Tie it with a bandage and keep it for 1-2 days.

How to Heal Fractures Faster Using Castor Oil

Castor oil can be used for treating various health problems like skin issues, constipation, infections, etc. because it possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  It can also help in nursing bone fracture and other bone-related problems like arthritis. In case of bone fracture, soak a cotton cloth in castor oil and tie it around the fractured part for two days. You can use castor oil packs also, daily. This can be used for bone fracture healing.

How to use castor oil to facilitate healing broken bones
  1. Take a long cotton cloth and dip it in a castor oil.
  2. Strain out extra oil and wrap it around the fractured body part.
  3. You can keep this for two days.
  4. Replace the old one with the new cotton cloth dipped in castor oil.

Proper Rest Is Important For Fracture Healing

One to three months may be the answer for what is the healing time for a simple fracture. Taking rest is necessary for healing the bone fracture. Proper rest is important as the movement of the fractured body part can displace the bone and may increase the swelling and pain. Hence, it is advisable to be immobile as recommended by the doctors and eating food that can help in healing the bone.

Calcium Consumption Helps In Fracture Healing

Bone mass of a normal human body can keep increasing till it attains an age of 30-40 years. But bones start losing their density every year in the human body having an age 30-40 years. Therefore, for maintaining the health of the body, we need a daily intake of Calcium.

Known as an essential substance for supporting the bone health, a calcium supplement is one of the perfect choices for bone fracture repair. We should include the food that is rich in calcium or are high sources of calcium, for example, most of the beans and green leafy vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, mustard greens or collard. This food also contains magnesium that contributes well to the bone healing process. This is how healing bone fracture with home remedies can be done.

How To Heal Bone Fracture With Vitamin C

If you are worrying how to heal fractured bone, then consumption of vitamin C can be a very useful home remedy. Researchers say that Bone fracture Healing Food should be rich in vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen in the body that helps the body create healthy and strong bones. This is used for bone fracture healing. A healing diet after bone fracture should be rich in vitamin C.

Boron - One Of The Home Remedies For Fractured Foot

Bone fracture healing nutrition should be rich in boron which is also very useful in the process of bone healing. Boron helps in strengthening bones and healing fractures. Nuts are rich sources of boron. This is how to heal broken bone faster with home remedies.

Stop Intake Of Caffeine And Smoke

Along with foods, drinks that we take also affect the health of our bones. Intake of caffeine affects the health of our bone. This is because the chemicals present in a cigarette work to destroy the healing process of broken bones. When our body contacts with tobacco products, caffeine reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches our bone tissue. Because alcohol negatively affects our bone mass and alleviate the absorption of calcium, restricting the intake of beverages containing alcohol is one of the most helpful ways to stabilize the strength of your bone health.

Using Pillow Reduces Bone Fracture Healing Pain

Using a pillow to hold a broken ankle or foot helps relieve swelling. To fasten the healing process, it is highly recommended that your broken bone should be put in a higher position than your heart. By doing so,  blood and fluid would be drawn away from the injury. Therefore, by placing some pillows at the end of the bed is a trusted home remedy for bone fracture. This can be used for bone fracture healing.  This is one of the best home remedies for broken bones to ease pain and swelling.

Some  Nutritional Steps To Accelerate Fracture Healing

How broken Bones Heal With Essential Oils For Fractures Bones

All the given essential oils are used in the same way. We simply need to apply them to the affected area and give a gentle massage. This is what helps to heal broken bones by boosting the blood circulation and also the cooling effect reduces pain temporarily and contributes to bone fracture healing.

Essential Oils For Fracture Bone

Krill oil:- It keeps the bones flexible and healthy. It helps in repairing bones faster as it has a natural tendency

Wintergreen oil:- Methyl salicylate and salicylic acid are present in wintergreen oil that helps in healing the fractured bone. It gives immediate pain relief.

Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus oil blend:- Their perfect blend has analgesic and cooling effect that makes the patient bear the pain caused due to the fractured bone. It does not have any contribution to the healing process, its cooling sensation help in relieving the pain temporarily.

Helichrysum oil:-The blend of Helichrysum, wintergreen and peppermint oil can be very helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to fractured bones.

Castor oil for Fracture:- This oil has many health benefits, but it also helps in nursing the bone fracture. Fracture healing time in adults may take few months depending on the severity of the fracture. Therefore, use these oils for how to heal broken bones fast.

Several home remedies for fracture are simple to follow and easy to use are mentioned above, follow them to reap benefits. The bone fracture healing process is a very slow process. Many of you must be thinking do broken bones heal stronger or weaker. Bones under the healing process are weaker as compared to other bones, but with time they become as strong as the non-fractured bones. Hopefully, all the topics are covered regarding the remedies required for the bone fracture treatment. Therefore, follow these effective home remedies for bone fracture to find relief.

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