Effective Home Remedies to De-Stink Shoes or Footwear

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Shoe Odor: Are your Shoes Smelling Badly? Did you feel embarrassed while removing shoes because of its bad smell? The main causes of shoe odor are bacteria, sweaty feet, and foot infections. Other reasons for smelly shoes include not cleaning your feet, repeated using of same socks, hormonal imbalances, athlete's foot.

No more worries, you can easily de-stink the shoe smell with some home remedies. Even though we have shoe odor eliminator balls and other products, these shoe odor remedies are effective in killing the bacteria that grows in the shoes. Thereby, removes the foul smell fastly. Have a glance at the below natural ways to get rid of shoe smell.

How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor? Natural Stinky Smell Removers

Remove Bad Odor From Shoes with Baking Soda

What to put in shoes for odor removal? Baking Soda is the best home remedy to eliminate shoe odor. It is a natural deodorizer, and its alkaline nature helps to destroy bacteria present in shoes. Also, it prevents bacteria thriving environment in the footwear and thus removes bad odor in shoes.

How to Get Rid of Stinky Shoe Smell?

  1. Every day after using shoes, sprinkle one tbsp of baking powder into them.
  2. Leave the powder for overnight.
  3. In the next morning, remove the powder before wearing those shoes.
  4. Repeat this stinky shoe remedy daily to stop shoe odor.
  5. Alternatively, you can also use boric acid for removing shoe smell.

Note: Remember to remove baking soda. Otherwise, your socks will absorb the traces of shoe odor powder and becomes discolored.

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Homemade Shoe Odor Eliminator

  1. Take one old sock and cut the foot part from the pair.
  2. Fill this sock with baking soda and include few drops of any essential oil.
  3. Tie it and put the sock inside of the shoe.
  4. Repeat this method and make another one.
  5. Now place this another shoe.
  6. Leave them on the shoes overnight and take away in the next morning.
  7. Repeat using this shoe odor eater daily for getting rid of shoe smell.

How to Get the Stinky Smell Out of Shoes with Essential Oils?

Essential oils are also the best home remedies for shoe odor removal. The antibacterial properties of essential oils are very good at eliminating the stinky smell from shoes. You can use essential oils such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, clove it.

How to Remove Odor from shoes?

  1. Pour few drops of essential oil in the shoe.
  2. Now, put crushed paper in both of the shoes.
  3. Leave them for overnight to get rid of bad shoe smell.
  4. Repeat using this shoe odor remover every time after using the shoes.

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Natural Foot Spray for Shoe Odor Removal

To get rid of the stinky smell from the shoes, you have no need to buy shoe odor sprays. Simply, you can prepare the foot odor sprays with home ingredients. The grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil, and rosemary essential oil contain antiparasitic, antifungal, and antibacterial agents which are effective in killing the bacteria. Also, lavender oil, geranium oil soothe your skin and makes feet to smell better. So, here is the preparation of odor eater shoe spray with these ingredients.

Ingredients required to Prepare Anti-Odor Shoe Spray

How to Prevent Foot Odor in Shoes?

  1. To get rid of shoe odor, blend the above mentioned ingredients in a small bottle.
  2. Close the bottle with a lid and shake well to mix all these oils.
  3. Spray this mixture on your feet for several times.
  4. Particularly use this foot odor spray after having a shower and before using your shoes.
  5. The skin absorbs this mixture and leaves an amazing scent.
  6. So, use this DIY shoe odor eliminator regularly to reduce shoe odor.

Note: Shake the mixture well before spraying every time.

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Neutralize Shoe Odor Naturally with Black Tea Bags

Another excellent home remedy for shoe odor removal is a black tea bag. The tannins of black tea bag are effective in killing bacteria and fungus that thrives inside of the tennis shoes. Thereby, it takes odor out of shoes.

How to Fix Shoe Odor Fastly?

  1. Add 2 black tea bags in a cup of boiling water.
  2. Leave it undisturbed for few minutes.
  3. Then, remove the tea bags from it and let the solution to cool for few minutes.
  4. Place these two tea bags in both of the shoes.
  5. After some time, take away the tea bags and remove the leftover tea solution.
  6. Repeat this stinky shoe remedy daily to get odor free shoes.

Does Freezing Shoes Kill Odor Permanently?

A Freezer is also one of the home remedies for shoe odor. The temperature of freezer stops the growth of bacteria and thus eliminates stinky smell in leather shoes. Hence, freeze your shoes to get rid of shoe odor.

How to Get Rid of Stinky Smell in Shoes?

  1. Put the shoes in a ziplock bag, seal the bag properly.
  2. Now, place it in a freezer for some time or until the bad smell eliminates completely.
  3. After few hours, check of the odor, if the smell persists again place the bag in a freezer for few hours.

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Natural Remedies for Smelly Shoes with Vinegar

Vinegar is also one of the best odor eaters in shoes. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are effective in killing the bacteria. So, use this homemade shoe odor remover regularly.

How to Stop Shoes from Smelling at Home?

  1. Mix 50% of each of vinegar and distilled water in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray this mixture inside of the tennis and leather shoes and soles.
  3. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes.
  4. Then, sprinkle the baking powder into the shoes and leave overnight.
  5. In the morning, remove this foot odor powder.
  6. Regular use of this sneaker odor remedy can help to get rid of smelly shoe fastly.

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Best Home Remedy for Sneaker Odor with Alcohol

Alcohol is the Best Shoe Deodorizer, hence keeps the smell out of shoes. Apart from controlling stinky shoe smell, its disinfectant properties destroy the bacteria. Also, removes the dirt which is the cause of stinky shoes. Therefore, use alcohol to get rid of shoe odor.

How to Clean Shoe Odor Permanently at Home?

  1. Pour sufficient amount of alcohol inside of the two shoes.
  2. Let the shoe odor solution under sunlight or air.
  3. Repeat this shoe smell remedy whenever you need.
  4. Alternatively, blend water and rubbing alcohol.
  5. Rinse your shoes with this mixture to remove extreme stinky shoe smell.

Note: Don't use alcohol for leather shoe odor, because it can change the color of your leather sneakers.

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Prevent Shoes Smell Naturally with Dryer Sheets

What's good for smelly shoes? A Dryer Sheet is the best thing for shoe odor removal. Most people feel worried to wear shoes for a long period because of the foul smell. But this dryer sheet absorbs the moisture in the shoes and keeps them dry, reduces stinky shoe smell. This process is best to cure smelly shoes if the odor occurs due to moisture.

Best Cure for Stinky Shoes at Home

  1. Cut two dryer sheets according to the size of your footwear.
  2. Place them inside of the shoes.
  3. Now, wear those shoes. Since the sheets are light in weight, you can feel comfortable.
  4. For added benefits, add peppermint oil or cinnamon oil drops to dryer sheet before placing in the boots.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

Another popular home remedy for reducing the bad of shoes is hydrogen peroxide. It destroys the bacteria that is responsible for shoe smell and further controls extreme shoe odor.

Natural Way to Stop Shoes and Socks from Smelling

  1. Soak a clean washcloth in hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Wipe the inside of your shoe with this cloth.
  3. Don't disturb the shoe until it dries completely.
  4. Repeat using this shoe odor eliminator daily to get rid of shoe odor permanently.
  5. Alternatively, you can also use vinegar in place od hydrogen peroxide.

So, these are the DIY home remedies to get rid of shoe odor naturally. Make use of them and feel free in removing shoes in the public.

Does Acupuncture for Weight Loss Work Really?

Acupuncture for Weight Loss: Nowadays obesity has become a common problem for both children and adults due to poor nutritious diet and sedentary lifestyle. It can lead to various health problems. Many people thought gym exercises and workouts are the only solutions for weight loss. Of course, they promote weight loss, but you have to change your lifestyle habits for a healthy weight loss. It means healthy eating habits, avoiding fast foods, physical exercise, etc. Another natural way that gains popularity in weight loss techniques is Acupuncture.

acupuncture weight loss center and reviews


Can Acupuncture Help With Weight Loss?

Acupuncture is a Chinese practice that works like magic for losing weight fast. It involves inserting thin needles into the specific points on your body for stimulating nerves and energy centers. So that you can lose weight easily. For quick weight loss, the practitioner mainly inserts needles on the thyroid, stomach, near ear, spleen, mouth, and endocrine glands. They help for regulating hormones that lead to absorption of nutrients, controlling of appetite, and boosts metabolism.

For a healthy person, the qi or life energy freely flows through the channels in the body which are called meridians. If these channels block, the person may feel sickness. Acupuncture unblocks this qi life energy in the body and restores the balance between yin and yang.

The acupuncture needles apply a little pressure on the meridian points in the body which helps to expel heat and moisture. Thereby improves the blood circulation to promote weight loss. Also, this weight loss acupuncture technique strengthens the digestive system by controlling the appetite.

We know that stress is also one reason for weight gain. Acupressure points reduce your stress and help you to lose weight quickly. Following a strict diet plan and practicing acupressure daily can decrease your weight. Here are the few acupuncture slimming methods that give fast results. So, practice them for half and hour daily and lose extra pounds.

How Does Acupuncture Work for Weight Loss?

Acupuncture treatment for weight loss is easy, effective, and safe with no side effects. This technique works gradually and the best supplement for gym exercises. Let us know in depth about acupuncture points for weight loss, and why it is so beneficial than other weight loss programs.

Manage Stress:

Stress, anxiety are the major triggers for overeating that results in weight gain. An acupuncturist inserts the needles on the parts which release endorphins in the body. Thereby, your stress will be controlled, and weight reduces gradually.

Suppress Hunger Hormones:

Our body contains two hormones for hunger namely Ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin induces a feeling of hunger and Leptin is for fullness or satisfaction. Acupuncture manipulates these hormones to suppress the appetite and makes you satisfied.

Pituitary Output:

Usually, the pituitary gland secretions in our body may increase the metabolic rate and help to stimulate the thyroid gland. The acupuncture energizes the hypothalamus and stimulates pituitary secretions to activate the thyroid gland. Thereby, it speeds up the metabolism and burns the excess stored fats in the body, and hence you can lose weight.

acupuncture earrings for weight loss

Different Acupuncture Treatments for Losing Weight Naturally

Acupuncture Weight Loss Process

  1. For weight loss, acupuncture process takes one to three sessions per week, and the results will saw after 9 weeks.
  2. During every session, an acupuncturist inserts thin, sterilized needles into the specific meridians on the body. This technique suppresses the appetite, reduces cholesterols and stress, improves blood circulation, and increases metabolism.
  3. The acupuncture needles have a thickness which is equal to human hair and are painless.
  4. When these needles are inserted, they remain in that place for 30 to 45 minutes.
  5. Needle therapy for weight loss also includes breathing exercises, massage, herbal treatments. But the results vary from one person to another.
  6. Different acupuncture treatments are done at various acupuncture points.
  7. The time frames and frequency of acupressure depends on the individual weight loss goals. To lose weight of 5 to 10 pounds, you must attend acupuncturist for every 3 days.
  8. So for a healthy weight loss, participate in these sessions regularly until you lose weight.

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How Much Does Acupuncture for Weight Loss Cost?

The acupuncture cost may vary from one acupuncturist to another. Generally, the cost ranges from $60 to $120 for one session. The initial treatments cost more than the later sessions. Once the patient reaches their goal, they can see the practitioner for 3 to 4 times in a year to remain in that weight constantly.

Auricular Acupuncture Points for Weight Loss

This method is also known as ear acupuncture for weight loss. In this process, the practitioner aimed at an ear to insert needles. An Ear contains 130 acupuncture points, and they will stimulate by using small tacks, seed-sized beads or magnets. The most common acupuncture points are tranquility, shenmen, and point zero ear acupuncture point. Some other points to lose weight include a mouth, small intestine, thyroid gland, hunger points, endocrine, spleen. Whenever the person eats food in between the meals, the mild pressure is applied to these points, and then ear staples will be rubbed. Then endorphins will release and hence you feel relaxation. There are many points near the ear which help to curb appetite and promotes weight loss.

Ear Acupuncture Weight Loss Process

Ear Stapling Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Ear stapling is same as ear piercing. It is a painless method and doesn't show any side effects. These staples penetrate into the pressure points that trigger a feeling of fullness and hence controls your appetite. The ear staples must be left in that place for few weeks or months depending on how much pounds you want to lose. The cost of an ear staple ranges from $50 to $100 for each piece. Let us know the basic things to remember before getting ear staples.

  1. Pregnant ladies, heart patients, and persons who use medications must consult the doctor before taking ear staple treatment.
  2. Never try acupuncture method yourself at home. Instead, schedule the treatment with licensed acupuncturist.
  3. Make sure that your acupuncturist uses sterilized needles and surgical gloves or not. Otherwise, you will get an infection.
  4. Clean your ear staples daily as per the practitioner recommendation.
  5. If you feel pain with ear staples or get's infection, seek doctor's help immediately.

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Slimming Acupuncture Treatment for Weight Loss with Laser

The ancient Chinese technique with modern technology is nothing but laser acupuncture. In this method, the practitioner uses non-thermal, low-intensity radiations rather than needles for weight loss procedures. Like needle therapy for weight loss, laser treatment also focuses on endorphins to stimulate a feeling of fullness. Also, boosts metabolism to shed pounds. Laser radiations stimulate certain points in the body and brain which decreases appetite and enhance endorphins secretions. Laser acupuncture treatment takes 30 to 40 minutes, and you have to attend 2 to 5 sessions to lose weight fast.

Acupuncture Magnets for Weight Loss

Acupuncture magnets also called ear magnets placed at specific points on the ear. These points are associated with some organs that control our body functions. For example, when you place a small magnet on the Ear linked part, an endocrine system becomes active. Thereby, your metabolic rate will increase gradually which helps in losing weight fast. So, consult a well-trained practitioner or reflexology specialist for taking acupuncture weight loss ear magnets treatment.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Acupuncture Magnets?

  1. First, take a detailed explanation about this method. The trainer will explain you everything about how they place needles on the ear.
  2. They place magnets on 3 to 4 points on the ear. You have to wear them for 30 minutes to one hour every day.
  3. This weight loss plan takes 6 weeks to complete.
  4. Continue taking this treatment until you reach the weight loss goals.
  5. This natural weight loss method also cures other health issues like cancer, HIV, arthritis. But there is no evidence to prove it.

Acupuncture Balls to Lose Weight Quickly

Acupuncture for weight loss programs also contains acupuncture balls to stimulate weight loss. This treatment is same as like needles, magnets, and laser.

How to use Acupuncture balls for losing weight?

  1. These balls have 1 mm of diameter. Your acupuncturist places them on two pressure points in the ear. They are A point in Fossa of Antihelis and point B in Concha.
  2. If the patient feels hungry, they have to press these ball to reduce the feeling of food cravings.
  3. Continuing this treatment for some weeks can help you in losing weight.
  4. Usually, the patient can lose 6 to 9 pounds per month.

Acupuncture and Cupping for Weight Loss

Cupping is the method of placing a glass container having a partial vacuum in it on the skin. Then, our body produces suction on the underlying tissue and hence decreases weight. The combination of cupping and acupuncture works effectively for losing weight instantly. The practitioner places the needle on the meridian point and covers that area with a glass container for 20 to 30 minutes. Repeating this weight loss method can help to shed more pounds at less time.

Natural Tips to Lose Weight Easily

So, these are the various techniques of acupuncture for weight loss. Regular taking of these treatments from well-experienced acupuncturist can help to lose weight quickly.

Does Banana Peel Really Help Acne?

Banana Peel for Acne Treatment: Are you annoying with the ugly Acne on your face? Tired of using many creams and face washes? The problem is not only the acne but also the scar which they leave on the skin. Even though the scars may face away after few days but no one wants to leave them. Because the acne scars may slacken off your fair complexion. Have you ever think that banana peel helps to remove Remove? I know it sounds strange but really works. So to know how does banana treats acne, read the complete article.

Is Banana Peel Good for Acne?

Yes...Banana peel is good for Acne Treatment. There are many benefits of banana peel which helps to remove acne scars effectively.

  1. Banana peel contains Vitamins like A, B, C, and E that are healthy for skin and effective in treating acne.
  2. It contains iron, manganese, zinc which cures the inflamed skin and prevent acne breakouts.
  3. Being an excellent source of antioxidant lutein, it prevents free radical damage to the skin which in turn eliminates acne.
  4. It contains natural exfoliating properties, hence remove toxins, dirt particles from the pores and reduce acne formation.
  5. It is a natural antiseptic. Therefore, it prevents bacterial infections that cause Acne Vulgaris.
  6. These peels also consist of starch which dries out the excess sebum and oil that lead to clogging of pores. Hence, prevents acne formation.
  7. The various antioxidants in banana peel will destroy the germs that cause pimples and acne.
  8. The anti-inflammatory properties of this peel can soothe the irritated skin and reduces the chance of getting acne.
  9. It contains various enzymes that help to hydrate skin and heals acne scars and blemishes.
  10. The moisturizing nature of banana peel keeps your skin smooth, supple, and free from acne.
  11. The plenty of vitamin E content will clear acne scars and blackheads. Besides, it prevents wrinkles formation also.

Having all these benefits, banana peel works for teenage acne treatment. So, use banana peel regularly to get rid of acne and pimples. Here are some home remedies for acne with a banana peel that are effective in healing acne scars.

Best Home Remedies with Banana Peel For Acne Removal

birth control acne treatment at home

Make use of these home remedies with banana peel for acne removal

Get Rid of Acne Scars with Banana Peel Remedy

The natural and inexpensive way to cure acne spots is with a banana peel. It is a natural exfoliating agent, removes dirt particles from the skin and makes acne marks go away. So, rub banana peel directly on your face to clear bad body acne.

How to use Banana Peel for Acne and Zits?

  1. First, clean your skin with cool water and a mild face wash.
  2. Pat skin dry with a towel.
  3. Take one ripe banana and eat it.
  4. Chop the banana peel into small pieces.
  5. Massage your skin with the inside of a banana peel for about 10 minutes.
  6. Replace with another banana peel piece whenever the previous peel turns to brown color.
  7. After massaging, wait for 20 minutes to allow your skin absorb nutrients in that peel.
  8. Then, wash off this acne remover with warm water and pat dry.
  9. Repeat this acne scar treatment 2 or 3 times in a day for treating acne spots.

Banana Peel and Lemon Face Pack for Acne Free Skin

Banana peel and lemon are the natural remedies for acne pictures. The acidic nature of lemon kills the bacteria that causes acne, blackheads. It is a natural bleaching agent and hence reduce acne redness and swelling. So, use this homemade face mask for acne removal.

How to Clear Up Acne and Pimples Naturally?

  1. Mash up one ripe banana peel into a paste.
  2. Blend equal parts of banana peel paste and fresh lemon juice.
  3. Apply this acne reducing cream on the affected skin with a cotton ball.
  4. Massage gently for few minutes and leave it again for 15 minutes.
  5. After, remove the acne face mask with warm water.
  6. Repeat using this home remedy for treating acne daily to get best results.

Honey and Banana Peel for Acne Prevention

Honey is an excellent home remedy for the treatment of pimples and severe acne. It is a natural antiseptic which kills acne-causing bacteria. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey reduce acne symptoms such as redness, swelling. The antibacterial and probiotic nature of raw honey stops acne marks formations. Therefore, make use of honey and banana peel face pack for cystic acne treatment.

How to Treat Acne on Back at Home?

  1. Make one banana peel into the form of a paste.
  2. Add 1 tbsp of this paste to 1/2 tbsp of raw honey.
  3. Apply this anti-acne cream as a facial on the acne prone skin.
  4. Now massage gently on the acne inflamed skin in circular motions.
  5. Allow this acne fighting mask on your skin for 15 minutes.
  6. Then, rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat skin dry.
  7. Apply moisturizer free from oil.
  8. Repeat this pimples home remedy daily to get rid of acne spots on the chin, back, forehead fast.

  Turmeric & Banana Peel for Acne Prone Skin

Banana peel and turmeric are the effective acne home remedies. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which are effective in treating teenage acne by reducing swelling and redness. It also kills bacteria and germs that are the major causes of acne vulgaris.

How to get rid of stress acne forever?

  1. Mash a banana peel in the form of a cream.
  2. Mix equal parts of this paste and turmeric powder very well.
  3. Add water to this mixture to get a creamy consistency.
  4. Wear an acne fighting mask with this mixture and massage gently.
  5. Leave for 15 minutes and then remove it with lukewarm water.
  6. Pat dry, apply moisturizer on the face.
  7. Repeat using this pimples solution daily to clear severe acne spots.

Homemade Facial Scrub for Acne Cure - Banana Peel & Oatmeal

Oatmeal and banana peel are the best solutions for reducing mild acne spots. Oatmeal exfoliates your skin and prevents severe pimples and zits very fast.

How to Cure Back Acne Scars Fast?

  1. Grind 1 banana peel, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, and 3 tbsps of sugar until you get a smooth paste.
  2. Massage this cream into the skin where you have acne spots for 10 minutes.
  3. Then, clean your face with warm water and pat skin dry.
  4. Spread oil free moisturizer.
  5. Repeat using this acne lotion daily to stop chest acne scars and pimples in ear.

Treatment of Adult Acne with Banana Peel & Baking Powder

Baking powder is also one of the natural ways to get rid of bad acne. It removes the impurities, bacteria, and other harmful toxins from the skin pores. Hence, use baking powder to treat acne permanently.

How to Control Acne Formation?

  1. Make a paste with a banana peel.
  2. Mix 1 tbsp of this paste, 1/2 tbsp of baking powder, and enough water to form a fine paste.
  3. Apply it on your acne prone skin and massage gently in circular motions.
  4. Leave it for 2 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  5. Repeat this acne home treatment daily to cure acne and pimples.

So, these are the natural ways to use a banana peel for acne removal. Pick any one in these home remedies and use regularly to fade acne scars completely.

Best Proven Home Remedies for Psoriasis on Legs, Hands, Face, Elbows

DIY Home Remedies for Psoriasis: Everyone will encounter skin rashes which can disappear in few days. But one skin disorder that never ends in our life is Psoriasis. Most people are unaware of this perpetual skin disease, hence apply several ointments to cure skin rashes. So, you have to know about what is psoriasis and how to get rid of Psoriasis Pictures.

Psoriasis: Symptoms, Causes & Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis Definition: Psoriasis is the chronic autoimmune skin disease in which the immune system attacks the healthy skin cells mistakenly which can lead to a change of skin cells life cycle. This skin disorder is characterized by red itchy flaky skin, thick silver, and white patches that cause severe irritation and painful sometimes. Other symptoms of Psoriasis include bleeding skin, cracked or flaky skin, ridged or thickened nails in case of Nail Psoriasis, burning or soreness, swollen joints.

What Causes Psoriasis? Usually, our skin cells mature and shed in a month. But in Psoriasis, these cells excessively develops and die within a week, thus leads to the buildup of dead cells on the skin surface. Some other triggers of Psoriasis include environmental triggers, dry skin, smoking, sunburn, alcohol consumption, viral or bacterial infections. Certain medications such as beta-blockers and ibuprofen also cause Psoriasis Pitcures.

Psoriasis can affect various parts of the body like scalp, feet, nails, elbows, knees, hands, etc. There are different types of psoriasis. Namely, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis, Nail Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, Plaque Psoriasis, Erythrodermic Psoriasis, Pustules Psoriasis. Is Psoriasis Contagious? No, this skin disease doesn't spread from one person to another. Even though there is no permanent cure for psoriasis but some natural remedies can help psoriasis. You can also contact the doctor for proper psoriasis treatment with medications.

How to Cure Psoriasis Fast? Effective Home Remedies for Psoriasis

home remedies for psoriasis

Follow these home remedies to get rid of itchy psoriasis rashes

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment for Psoriasis Skin

Apple cider vinegar is the best home remedy for treating Psoriasis. It helps to restore the pH of the skin and keep it to a balanced level. Also, it has an ability to reduce itching, skin irritation and helps to prevent Psoriasis flare-ups. So, use apple cider vinegar for the treatment of psoriasis at home.

How to Control Psoriasis with ACV?

  1. Mix 1 tsp of organic ACV in one glass of water.
  2. Drink this Homemade Psoriasis medicine particularly during flare-ups.
  3. Continuing this natural remedy for twice in a day can get rid of psoriasis on face.

Topical Psoriasis Treatment with ACV

  1. For topical application of ACV, mix one part of apple cider vinegar to 3 parts of lukewarm water.
  2. Soak a washcloth or towel in this mixture and place it on the psoriasis skin rashes.
  3. Repeat this psoriasis home treatment for several times in a day.

Natural Remedies of Psoriasis on the Scalp -  Castor Oil

Another one in the Top 10 Home Remedies for Psoriasis Rashes is Castor Oil. The soothing and moisturizing properties of castor oil nourish your skin and help to get rid of psoriasis pictures.

How to Use Castor Oil for Scalp psoriasis?

  1. Massage castor oil on the psoriatic rashes for few minutes before going to bed.
  2. Leave the oil for overnight.
  3. In next morning, clean it off with water and pat skin dry.
  4. Repeat this Psoriasis home remedy daily at night for curing psoriasis of scalp.

Note: Don't apply the castor oil on the cracked skin.

Homemade Psoriasis Cream with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel acts as a natural ointment for psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory nature of aloe vera is effective in healing psoriasis and eczema also. Its cooling effect reduces the burning sensation of itchy skin rashes. If aloe vera leaf is not available to you, use ointments that contain 0.5% aloe vera. You can find it in any drug stores.

Natural Treatment for Psoriasis on Hands, Feet

  1. Take one fresh aloe vera leaf and squeeze to get the gel.
  2. Apply this lotion on the dry skin psoriasis and leave it for 10 minutes.
  3. Then, rinse it off with water.
  4. Using this psoriasis natural remedy daily can help to get relief from itching psoriasis plaques.

How to Reduce Psoriasis Skin Condition Naturally with Turmeric?

Turmeric is the best solution for psoriasis cure. Not only for this disease but also treats eczema, burns and other skin allergies. The compound named curcumin present in turmeric hold anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Hence, it fights with skin inflammation and stimulates phosphorylase kinase enzyme which is responsible for cell growth. So, use turmeric for getting rid of psoriasis scars fast. Here are the natural ways to treat psoriasis disease with turmeric.

How to Treat Psoriasis on Face with Turmeric?

  1. Add one tsp of turmeric powder to a glass of milk.
  2. Include honey for taste and drink it daily for few weeks.
  3. You can also add turmeric to your recipes to increase overall health.
  4. But don't take this drink if you have diabetes condition and gall bladder problems.

Another Way to Get Rid of Psoriatic Rash with Turmeric

  1. Make a thick paste with turmeric by adding enough water.
  2. Apply this cream on the itchy skin rashes and cover it with a gauze.
  3. Leave overnight and remove it off in the morning.
  4. Rinse your skin with water and reuse this method after 2 hours.
  5. Repeat this home remedy regularly for preventing psoriasis naturally.

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Does Tea Tree Oil Help Psoriasis Patches?

Olive oil is also one of the best home remedies for psoriasis on the nails, hands. It removes the dead cells from skin and detoxifies the skin to prevent psoriasis and further inflammation. Along with tea tree oil, you can also use olive oil, fish oil or any other essential oils for psoriasis of the scalp treatment. Else, you can also use over the counter psoriasis shampoo that contains tea tree oil as a key ingredient.

Natural Remedy to Cure Scalp Plaque Psoriasis

  1. Dilute a half tsp of tea tree oil with 2 tbsps of water.
  2. Apply this solution on your dry skin patches.
  3. Leave overnight and wash it off with water in the morning.
  4. Pat skin dry and repeat using this psoriasis elbow treatment daily at night.

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UV Light Therapy for Psoriasis Arthritis Cure

Among the home remedies for psoriasis, sunlight is also one remedy. Light therapy or phototherapy means exposing of the infected skin to the ultraviolet light to stop the abnormal cells growth. People who diagnosed with psoriasis must need vitamin D to cure dry skin patches or lesions. The UVB light penetrates into the skin and cures psoriasis effectively. You can find UVB light in the normal sunlight. Hence, expose your skin to the sunlight every day in the morning particularly between 7 to 9 am for treating plaque psoriasis.

So, these are the home remedies for psoriasis that really work. Follow them daily to reduce itchy psoriatic skin condition. If not treated, contact the dermatologist to get an appropriate suggestion.

List of Foods to Eat and Avoid for Constipation Relief

Best Foods for Constipation: Everyone will suffer from constipation at some point in their lives. It is the common digestive problem which makes your bowel movements hard. The stool becomes hard and difficult to pass; you might feel bloated and have to strain too much to pass the stools. Do you know what causes constipation? The main causes of constipation include lack of laxatives, less intake fiber rich foods, water, high consumption of fatty foods. Improper sleep, controlling the urge of going to the bathroom, lack of physical exercise are also the triggers for IBS.

Here are the best foods to eat for constipation relief. Hence, include them in your diet and get enough fiber content and laxatives to get rid of constipation.

What Foods are Good for Constipation? Foods To Relieve Constipation

foods that make you constipation

Include these foods in your diet to get relief from constipation

Drink Plenty of Water to Prevent Constipation

The best thing to do for constipation cure is drinking more water. Because less water intake also makes you constipated. So, water is the most important home remedy for relieving constipation. It helps to smooth the quickly and makes the bowel to pass easily. Also, the intake of a large amount of water can break the fiber food which in turn treat constipation. You can drink either warm water or cold water, but warm water alleviates constipation faster than cold water. So, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily for treating IBS naturally without any need for constipation medicines.

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Eat Fiber Rich Foods for Constipation Relief

What to take for constipation? Intake of high fiber foods can prevent constipation completely. Fiber acts as a medicine for constipation because it is useful in softening the stools and makes them come out easily. Fibers are of two types namely soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs water and gets bind with fatty acids that form into gel-like substance. It keeps the stool soft and cures constipation. While insoluble fiber doesn't dissolve in water but adds moisture to the stool and regulates bowel movements. So, both of these fibers are essential for preventing constipation.

You can get fiber from all plant foods. The high fiber foods list for constipation contains cereals, whole grain bread, brussels sprouts, oatmeal, etc. Too much intake of fiber at one time may result in gas, diarrhea, stomach upset or stomach bloating. So, start by taking a small amount of fiber and then increase the quantity of dietary fiber gradually. So, make sure to know how much fiber is recommended for IBS cure. Usually, the required amount of fiber is 20 to 25 grams per day. If these high fiber foods are not available to your, take fiber supplements which come in the form of powder.

Does Fruits Help with Constipation?

Yes..Fruits are also effective in treating constipation. They also have high fiber and contain various nutritional benefits which help for constipation treatment. You can take fruits either in raw or dried form. Here is the list of best fruits to eat when constipated. So, include them in your constipation diet plan.

Consume Berries To Get Rid of Constipation

Berries such as raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries are the best foods to ease constipation because of a high amount of fiber. Half-cup of strawberries holds 2 gms of fiber, raspberry contains 4gms of fiber, and blackberries contain 3.8 gms of fiber. These berries are low in calories, hence promotes weight loss also. So, eat berries to treat constipation. You can also mix them in the pancakes to get instant relief from constipation problem.

Kiwi Fruit to Ease Constipation

Another fruit that helps with constipation is Kiwi. It contains 2.5 gms of fiber, various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which are good for irritable bowel syndrome, overall health. Usually, kiwi belongs to Berry family in which both peel and flesh contain nutrients and vitamins. The Research found that intake of kiwi fruit helps with constipation by promoting regular bowel movements and also cures stomach problems if any. So, daily eat 2 kiwi fruits to get rid of constipation quickly.

Relieve Severe Constipation by Eating Guava

Guava is also one of the good fruits for constipation relief. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber in its seeds and pulp, hence helps in passing stools easily. Also, guava helps in the production of mucus, contracts the intestinal lining which further helps in the passage of food into your stomach and then into the colon to avoid constipation. The 100 grams of guava contain 5.4 gms of dietary fiber. So, include guava fruit in your daily diet plan to prevent constipation.

When to eat guava for constipation prevention?

Along with these fruits, there are also other fruits that help relieve constipation. They include:

Do Dried Fruits Make You Constipated?

No..dried fruits do not cause constipation which in turn helps for constipation treatment. Because they contain a high amount of fiber and laxatives that help in treating constipation. Here are the good dried fruits for constipation relief.

Eat Prunes to Cure Constipation

What to eat for constipation? Prunes are the natural laxatives that contain a huge amount of dietary fiber and sorbitol. Prunes are rich in potassium, vitamin A, and other minerals that activate the enzymes in the digestive system. These enzymes dissolve the feces in the colon and promote normal movement of stools. While potassium helps to draw the water from your body to the colon. Also, prunes are effective in protecting the colon walls from the attacks of bacteria, gives strength to your body. So, prunes are considered as one of the best foods for constipation.

How to treat constipation with prunes and lemon juice?

  1. To make prune juice for constipation, take one cup of prunes to a saucepan.
  2. Then, pour one and a half cup of water.
  3. Add 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice and place the pan on a stove.
  4. Boil the solution for few minutes till it reaches boiling point.
  5. After 25 minutes, turn off the heat.
  6. Allow the constipation medicine to cool for few minutes and add lemon slices.
  7. Drink this stewed prunes and lemon juice concoction to prevent constipation.
  8. Use this treatment for constipation until you completely get relief from abdominal problems.

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Extreme Constipation Cure with Raisins

The list of foods for constipation relief also contains raisins. The high amount of insoluble fiber and natural laxatives help to prevent constipation. By eating 100 gms of raisins, you will get 3.7 gms of dietary fiber which adds bulk to the stools and makes them loose. So, daily intake of raisins will treat constipation, diarrhea. How to eat raisins to get immediate relief from constipation? Soak a handful of raisins in water for overnight. The next morning, strain the water and consume those raisins on an empty stomach. Else, you can drink those strained water for preventing constipation.

Are Figs Good for Constipation?

Figs are packed with fibers, and its natural laxative effect keeps the constipation at bay. Hence, the treatment of chronic constipation, these figs play an important role. You can eat either dried or fresh fig for curing irritable bowel syndrome. From 100 gms of fresh figs, you will get 2.2 gms of fiber while for dried figs, 5.6 gms. Soak few dried figs in water for overnight. The next day morning, eat them for getting rid of constipation.

Vegetables Good for IBS Treatment

Green leafy vegetables are the best home remedies for constipation cure. Eating them can make your bowel movements easy. Also, the nutrients and fiber content in those veggies can promote digestion and also good for overall health. Hence, include the following vegetables in the list of foods for constipation.

Good Foods for Constipation - Broccoli

The most useful vegetable for treating IBS is broccoli because of its high content of fiber. It is low in calories and rich in nutrients. The best way to eat broccoli is in raw form because the cooked form can reduce fiber present in it. If you don't like in raw form, use steaming, boiling, roasting process for cooking broccoli. You can also toss pepper, salt, and little olive oil to steamed broccoli. From one cup of raw broccoli, you will get 2.4 gms of fiber. A cup of boiled broccoli gives 5.1 grams of dietary fiber. Broccoli is also one in the top 10 foods for constipation. So, eat broccoli to fix constipation naturally in kids, toddlers, adults.

Beans to Relieve Frequent Constipation

Another one in home remedies for constipation is beans. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Hence, foods get easily digested and pass away stools without any strain. Here are the various types of beans to stop constipation instantly. You can add them to soups, salads, pasta, etc.

Type of BeansQuantityFiber content
 Baked Beans 1/2 cup more than 6 gms
Kidney Beans 8.2 gms
Black beansmore than 7 gms
Lima beansmore than 6 gms
Navy beans9.5 gms
Pinto beansmore than 6gms
Soyabeansmore than 6 gms

Along with these vegetables, there are several other foods that help to ease constipation naturally without the use of any over the counter medications. So, include this constipation relieving foods in your daily diet.

Seeds To Eat When You Are Constipated

Some seeds are also effective in treating IBS. They are packed with sufficient amount of fiber which adds bulk to stools and gets's loose to move easily. Here is the list of seeds that make you Poop.

Coriander Seeds to Cure IBS

The amount of dietary fiber in 100 grams of coriander seeds is 41.9 gms. This insoluble fiber helps to increase the bulk of the stool and eases bowel movements in both adults and children. So to stop constant constipation permanently, include coriander seeds in your daily diet foods for constipation.

Acute Constipation Treatment with Flaxseeds

How to relieve painful constipation quickly? The best solution for IBS relief is flaxseeds. The soluble and insoluble fiber present in flaxseeds add huge mass to stools and makes it softer to ease passing bowel movements. Hence, flax seeds act as a bulk-forming herbal laxative. They also have omega-3 fatty acids for easing IBS. But you have to drink plenty of water while using this home remedy. So, flaxseeds are also one of the good foods for constipation.

Instant Constipation Relief Teas at Home

Does tea make you constipated? No...teas are effective in curing irritable bowel syndrome. A cup of hot tea can soothe your bowel movements and makes the digestive system to work actively. Drinking herbal teas can cure constipating problem due to its laxative effect.

Does Dandelion Tea Make You Poop a Lot?

The herbal remedy for the treatment of constipation is dandelion tea. Dandelion leaves have mild laxative, diuretic effects that can help for improving poor digestion. Also, it cleanses the colon, increases bile production in the gastrointestinal tract which in turn relieves constipation quickly. So, drink dandelion tea regularly for constipation prevention.

How to Stop Constipation with Dandelion Tea?

  1. Take a pot and add water and dried dandelion root to it.
  2. Boil for 5 to 10 minutes on low flame.
  3. Turn off the stove and strain the tea with a strainer.
  4. Drink this dandelion tea to prevent constipation naturally.
  5. Regular intake of 3 cups of this tea can avoid irritable bowel syndrome problem.

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Anise Tea to Alleviate Bowel Problems

Another one in the constipation herbal remedies is Anise Herb. The laxative and antispasmodic effects of anise herb are effective in reducing abdominal pain. It has aromatic, licorice, and sweet taste.

How to Fix Stomach Constipation?

  1. Take a pan with water and place it on the stove.
  2. Add either fresh or dried anise leaf to this water.
  3. Heat for few minutes and then turn off the flame.
  4. Strain the solution and have it to get rid of bowel problems.

All these are the best foods for constipation treatment. But some foods may worse the IBS condition. So, know the list of foods which make you constipated.

List of Foods That Cause Constipation

Just now, you know the foods to eat when constipated. But there are also some foods which can make the bowel problems worse. Hence, one must concentrate on the foods they are eating. Here are the list of foods to avoid for constipation.

Red Meat

One of the constipating foods to avoid is red meat. The reasons why red meat is not good for irritable bowel syndrome are:

  1. It is high in fat, hence takes a longer time to digest.
  2. The digestive tract is unable to digest the tough protein fibers in the red meat.
  3. The rich content of iron can make you constipated.
  4. So, avoid red meat if you have constipation.

Dairy Products

Taking many dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, yogurt, milk can cause constipation. The lactose present in these dairy foods can increase acidity, bloating that can make the person constipated.

Study proves that children with ages 1 to 13, who take dairy products are getting bowel problems. Also, children who eliminate those milk products from their diet have regular bowel movements. So, avoid these foods for constipation pain relief.

Fast Foods and Processed Foods

Burgers, french fries, and other fast foods, processed foods contain high fat and low fiber. They have less nutritional values and also salt. Some of the processed foods that cause constipation are white bread, frozen meals, chips, pastries. All these foods can slow down the functioning of digestive system. Hence instead of them, try these natural ways.

Prepare burgers at home with green leafy vegetables. Snack on fruits and crunchy veggies in place of french fries. Drink more water to keep the digestive system healthy.


Most people think bananas are the best solution for constipation problems. Of course, it's true, but unripe bananas cause constipation, and ripe bananas cure irritable bowel syndrome.

Why unripe bananas cause IBS? Because they contain starch which is hard to digest. Also, babies who eat too many bananas will get constipated. So, you must avoid unripe banana foods for constipation cure.

Chocolates & Chips

People who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) must avoid eating chocolates. Because a large amount of fat in the chocolates can slow down the digestion process. The digestive system fails when the muscle contractions slow down. So, avoid eating chocolates.

The tasty potato chips are also high in fat and contain low fiber. Hence, the stools become hard and you will find difficulty in passing stools. So, don' eat potato chips.

Finally, these are the list of foods to eat and avoid for constipation. So, follow a strict diet plan to get an immediate relief from constipation. If not treated, contact the doctor and take an appropriate treatment.