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Natural Anxiety Treatment: Anxiety is the normal feeling that everyone experiences at any point in their life. Fo example, at the time of an interview, seminars, while meeting some important and official persons, etc. But, some people feel more tensed and anxious for the whole day without any reason. This condition is called Anxiety Attacks which exhausts the person physically and mentally, interferes with their sleep and daily activities. To come out from these Anxiety and Panic Attacks, try these simple and effective natural remedies for Anxiety Relief.

What is Anxiety Disorder? Nowadays people becomes panic, stressed, and feeling anxious due to hectic lifestyles. Moreover, the panic and anxiety attacks keep them away from enjoyable things, and the daily life will also get disturbed. Even they don't know why they are so anxious and exhausted. The main causes of Anxiety are nutritional deficiencies, brain activity alterations, genetics, some medications, nicotine. You can control anxiety with the below home remedies for anxiety relief and proven tips to manage anxiety.

Types of Anxiety and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Recognition is more important because Anxiety has several symptoms and they will change depending on the Anxiety Type you have. Hence, before going to know Anxiety Symptoms, just have an idea about Anxiety Disorder Types.

These are the Types of Anxiety Disorder. The common signs and symptoms of Panic Disorder include:

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Best Home Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

panic attack treatment

These are the natural remedies for anxiety disorder

Oil massage for Anxiety Treatment

The foremost home remedy for overcoming Anxiety is Oil Massage. Massaging the whole body particularly neck, shoulders, head, the bottom of your feet helps a lot for relieving Anxiety. This method relaxes the body muscles and eliminates toxins and makes you feel calm both mentally and physically. Therefore this is the best cure for Anxiety Relief.

How can I treat Anxiety Attacks using Oil Massage Technique?
  1. Oils like sesame, coconut, sunflower, corn are effective for treating Anxiety.
  2. For instant results, use 6 to 7 ounces of the oil after heating slightly.
  3. Massage all the body and more on scalp and feet.
  4. Massage before going to bath in the morning and before sleeping at night time.
  5. Repeat this Anxiety Treatment for a few weeks until your feel Anxiety Relief.

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Passion Flower for Anxiety Home Treatment

Passion flower is one of the herbal remedies for Anxiety Relief. The beta-carboline harmala alkaloids present in Passion Flower are the happiness-promoting chemicals. Hence, it helps to reduce depression and cures Anxiety. Studies suggest that this herb can reduce symptoms of Anxiety Disorder as effective as prescribed Anxiety Medicines. Besides, Passion flower is also used for insomnia. Daily take 45 drops of Passion Flower Extract (or) 90mg tablet for curing Anxiety. But do not consume this herb more than a month and don't take during pregnancy to prevent Anxiety.

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Top 5 Anxiety Natural Remedies - Lemon Balm

How to fight Anxiety? Lemon balm, the member in a mint family, acts as a mild relaxant and nerve tonic. So, it has been used for several years to relieve stress. Also, it treats Anxiety, improves appetite and helps to promote sleep. For best results, you can also combine lemon balm with green tea, valerian, catnip, lavender, or any other herbs for Anxiety treatment.

How to control Anxiety Attack using lemon balm?
  1. To overcome panic attacks, take 1 tbsp of dried lemon balm in hot water and steep it for 15 minutes.
  2. Cover the pan to avoid escaping of aromatic oils.
  3. Drink that solution before going to bed for two weeks to reduce Anxiety.
  4. Alternatively, you can also take lemon balm in supplement form.
  5. Consult the doctor to know the proper dosage of lemon balm tea for Anxiety Cure.
  6. General recommended amount is 400mg of lemon balm capsules twice in a day.
  7. Studies prove that taking this herb more than 600mg at a time can cause Anxiety.

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Does Chamomile Tea helps for Anxiety Treatment

Among the Natural Anxiety Remedies, Chamomile Tea is also one. The sedative effect of chamomile tea helps to relieve Anxiety and stress fastly. According to Clinical Psychopharmacology, chamomile tea reduces anxiety symptoms for the people who are suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD. Besides, it also promotes relaxation and controls depression. Hence, chamomile tea also took place in Top 5 Anxiety Natural Remedies.

How to reduce Anxiety Disorder Symptoms with Chamomile Tea?

Method-1: (Chamomile and hot water for Anxiety Problems Cure)

  1. Steep dried chamomile of 2 or 3 tbsps in a cup of hot water.
  2. After heating for 5 minutes, strain the solution.
  3. You can add honey and cinnamon according to the taste.
  4. Now, drink this Homemade Anxiety Medicine few times in a day.
  5. Continue this Anxiety home treatment for about one month or until you Relieves Anxiety symptoms.

Method-2: (Chamomile supplements for overcoming Anxiety)

Along with above method, you can also take chamomile in supplement form for Anxiety Treatment. Suggested amount for adults is 400 to 1600mg of capsules which are divided into doses in a day. Else, drink 1 to 4ml of liquid extract for three times in a day.

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 Anxiety Home Remedies - Epsom Salt bath

How to cure Anxiety Disorder? Hot water bath is the best treatment for Anxiety. It has relaxing properties which provide quick relief from Anxiety Depression and Stress. Also, it calms you and regulates mood. For added benefits, use Epsom Salt Baths. The magnesium salt present in Epsom salt lowers your blood pressure and relieves Anxiety fastly. Along with Epsom salt, you can also add vanilla or lavender essential oils to a hot water bath.

How to treat Anxiety Disorder with Epsom salt bath?
  1. First, mix baking soda and ginger each of 1/3rd cup in a bathtub water.
  2. Take a bath with this water for 15 minutes.
  3. Also, you can add 5 to 7 drops of aromatherapy essential oils like chamomile, bergamot, geranium along with jojoba oil.
  4. Repeat this Anxiety relief treatment to reduce stress, depression and anxiety symptoms.

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Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Along with natural remedies for anxiety, follow these tips to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

Use these home remedies for anxiety and tips to reduce anxiety. Since anxiety can affect daily activities, it's important to cure anxiety initially. If your anxiety not treated with these home remedies, contact your doctor.

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